Minutes March 11, 2019

Meeting called to order at 3:06 pm.

Attendance: Warren Kawano, Tracie Losch, Rachael Inake, Sandro Jube, Camden Barruga, Matthew Egami, Annemarie Paikai, Karim Kahn, Christy Takamure, Michelle Igarashi, Kelsie Aguilera.

Approval of the Minutes

  • Approval of January 14, 2019 Minutes – Unanimous approval 3/11/2019

Faculty Senate Comments and Motion on DE Guidelines & Evaluation

Warren reported that he discussed about the design and delivery of the DE guideline and evaluation and the faculty senate will vote on it in their next meeting.

Small Working Edits to DE Guidelines

Discussion about changes that she suggested for the DE Guidelines, including the deletion of item 5.3 on the guideline and restructure of the text on item 5.4, with changes also suggested on the peer evaluation to match the changes in the guideline. The changes were put to vote and were approved unanimously.

IOTA Award Update

Warren mentioned that there was only a single applicant for the IOTA Award, hence the application deadline was extended to March 15th to match with the OER awards. The applications (and corresponding videos) will be reviewed in the next DE committee meeting.

DE Faculty Survey Plans

Warren discussed about the online teaching survey for instructors and it was decided among the committee members that the survey should be sent out on the first week of April.

EMC/Division Contact

EMC shared new division point-of-contacts: Language Arts – Rachael; Business – Rachael; PAT – Brent; Soc Sci – Brent; Math & Sci – new Ed Tech; Arts & Hum – new Ed Tech.

New Business

There were some discussions among the committee members on the best way moving forward regarding the videos that are part of the application process for the IOTA Award. There were some suggestions that that the applicants should make their own videos.


No new announcements

Meeting ended at 3:37 pm.


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