Minutes April 8, 2019

Attendance: Kelsie Aguilera, Camden Barruga, Matthew Egami, Brent Hirata, Michelle Igarashi, Rachael Inake, Sandro Jube, Warren Kawano, Tracie Losch, Annemarie Paikai, Christy Takamure

Approval of the Minutes

  • Approval of March 11, 2019 Minutes – Unanimous approval 4/8/2019

Faculty Senate Approval of DE Guidelines and Evaluations

  • Faculty Senate unanimously approved DE Guidelines and Evaluations

Selection of awardee of the IOTA

  • Confidential voting took place.  Majority vote used to select winner from four submissions:  Michael Cawdery, Cara Chang, Tammy Cotton-Jennings, and Naiad Wong

2019-2020 DE Committee Membership

  • Warren mentioned to let him know if you would like to continue membership or not by the end of the month.


  • Rachael requested proposals for Tech It Out Day
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