Leeward CC DE Guidelines

Assessment Guidelines

  1. The types of assessments used measure achievement of stated course SLOs and are aligned with course activities.
  2. The rubrics and evaluation criteria are available to students for activities being assessed.
  3. The evaluation of student performance includes a variety of assessment methods to measure course SLOs. These can include (but are not limited to) evaluation and rating of student projects, student interaction, assignments and activities, performance on quizzes and tests, and other assessment techniques.
  4. The course grading policy is clearly stated.
  5. The instructor provides constructive and timely feedback to students.

Interaction & Collaboration Guidelines

Student-to-Instructor and Instructor-to-Student

  1. The requirements for student interaction are clearly articulated.
  2. The instructor provides meaningful and regular interaction.


  1. The instructor provides opportunities for students to interact with each other.
  2. The requirements for student-to-student interaction are clearly articulated.

 Course Design Guidelines

  1. The instructional materials are presented in a clear and organized manner and were easy to navigate.
  2. The instructional materials are relevant to the course SLOs.
  3. The module/unit learning objectives describe and reflect specific desired outcomes that are measurable and consistent with the course SLOs.
  4. The learning activities promote the achievement of stated module/unit learning objectives.
  5. Appropriate tools and media are used to deliver the course content.
  6. The tools and media enhance student interactivity and guide the student to be an active learner.
  7. The instructional strategies enable students to engage with the course content.
  8. The course information is easily identifiable within the course and policies are clearly stated.
  9. Interactive activities promote student-to-content, student-to-student, and student-to-instructor interaction contained in each instructional module.
  10. All learning objectives are stated clearly and written from the students’ perspective.

Learner Support Services Guidelines

  1. Course instructions articulate and/or link to the institution’s learner support policies and services.

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