Peer Review Process for Evaluating DE Courses

Continuous improvement through reflection

Leeward CC strongly recommends distance education instructors have at least one peer evaluation for an online course per year. Peer evaluation is a reflective practice and critical reflection on teaching and learning online. The purpose of the evaluation process is for self-reflection and growth through continuous improvement by focusing on the development of quality thinking as our highest learning outcome. When we reflect together as developing thinkers, and seek to raise our thinking to the next level, everyone benefits through the power of lifelong learning.


Is your online learning designed as a structured process to engage students in the practice of internalizing, applying, and evaluating the concepts in your online course? To learn any new concept well we must provide many opportunities for learners to:

  1. Internalize the key concepts in the subject.
  2. Applying those concepts to problems and issues-in their lives and coursework.

When students apply what they are learning, to authentic situations or problems, they will see value in what they are learning. When learners see value in their learning they be internally motivated to internalize concepts and apply them in meaningful ways.

The Process

  1. Peer evaluator makes a copy and completes the Leeward DE peer evaluation form
  2. Peer evaluator uses the Leeward CC DE Guidelines as a tool to complete the evaluation
  3. Instructor adds the evaluator as an instructor to their online course (Laulima course site).
  4. Course evaluator completes form and sends to instructor for review.
  5. After review, course evaluator signs form.
  6. Resources: Quality Matters- self assessment forms
    1. Course overview and introduction
    2. Learning objectives
    3. Assessment
    4. Instructional materials
    5. Course activities and learner interaction
    6. Course technologies
    7. Learner support
    8. Accessibility and usability
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