Freewrite # 1 { Favorite Products }

My favorite products to buy is clothes because i am so addicted to buying new stuffs like shirts and pants. I usually get my stuffs from the convenient store called “Ross Dress For less” and that the products are usually made from other countries like Bangladesh, China, Portugal, etc. And my other favorite products that i like to get from the same store is shoes because my shoes always be broken since i bought the old ones and the new ones i save them so they don’t get torn. When i buy the shoes its really expensive because the shoes cost more than the clothes.

My Hometown: Majuro, Marshall Island

Aloha, my name is David Kattil. I got my name “David” from some guy that my parents knew from that i dont know. I have another that is my family call me in my language which is marshallese. They call me “Jay” because ever since i was born they named me after my father’s dad name Jesa. So i only use my other name “David” in school and outside of my home. My friends back in high school call me “Dave” for short but i really wish my name would be “Jake” but its kinda late to change it. So if i have a son i would call him “Jake.”   —-MAHALO!!! Image result for majuro marshall islands