Welcome to the Faculty Senate Blog

The preamble of the Faculty Senate Charter and Bylaws states:

The Faculty Senate shall also promote communication and mutual understanding among members of the faculty, staff, lecturers, administrators, students, and the community.

A discussion at a Spring Convocation breakout session centered around communication and campus governance bodies.  In response, the Executive Committee created this blog in an attempt to improve communication between the Faculty Senate and the rest of the campus.

Blog posts will share important news from the Faculty Senate to our core constituencies and the campus at large. This blog is not intended to replace the Faculty Senate website which is the official source for Senate meeting agendas, minutes, motions, and committee reports. Instead, this blog will serve as an up-to-date supplement sharing commentary, activities, and other news of importance to you.

2016-17 Faculty Senate Executive Committee

  • William Albritton, Chair
  • Eiko Kosasa, Vice-Chair
  • Wayde Oshiro, Secretary
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