January 25, 2017 Meeting Highlights

The following are highlights from the last Faculty Senate meeting.*

The Community College Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (CCCFSC) and VPCC John Morton asked Senate to endorse UHCCP #4.203 Institution-Set Standards.  After lengthy discussion, senators voted to endorse the standards [Motion 17.27], contingent upon the following:

  1. Each campus should be able to set their own Aspirational Values within the UHCCP # 4.203 Institution-Set Standards policy.
  2. “Native Hawaiian Degrees and Certificates Awarded” should be reworded to “Native Hawaiian Student Graduates” to match the language in UHCC’s strategic plan.

Chair Albritton drafted and signed a memo with the endorsement and two related motions: 17.28 and 17.29.  The memo has been forwarded to Leeward Administration.

The All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (ACCFSC) asked faculty senates to consider the Principles for Strategic Planning Processes Across the UH System.  Senate voted to endorse this document

Also from ACCFSC, a Resolution calling for a revised committee structure for the Board of Regents of the University of Hawaiʻi was considered.  The resolution is out of the Manoa Faculty Senate.  After debating its purpose and the potential impact of a restructured BOR on the community colleges, the Senate voted against this resolution.  A related motion [17.30] was passed calling for the CCCFSC to discuss a revised committee structure for the BOR.  Chair Albritton drafted, signed, and forwarded a memo to ACCFSC.

Chair Albritton reported that the Memo on Retroactive Grade Changes was approved by Leeward Administration.  Surprising to many in the Senate, Leeward does not have an existing policy on retroactive grade change requests.  Once the policy is implemented retroactive grade changes will be limited to a period of 2 years.

Senate passed motion 17.31 which establishes an Ad-Hoc Course Evaluation System (CES) Committee “to gather faculty feedback and make recommendations for the new Course Evaluation System.”  CES is intended to replace eCAFE beginning Fall 2017.  Unlike eCAFE, CES is designed to be a mandatory online survey for each course and results will be shared with division chairs. Senate registered its opposition to CES with motion 16.20. To learn more about CES go here. Find CES-related documents by selecting Ctrl F and type CES to highlight the file names. Committee Co-chairs Catherine Walker and Wayde Oshiro are organizing the committee membership and more will be reported soon.

The Ad-Hoc Committee on Curriculum Review and Revision (Jeremiah Boydstun, chair) submitted an updated L5.201 Policy on Curriculum Review and Revision which addresses required standardized statements and grading policy.  Senate approved the proposed changes.  The revised policy will go to Leeward Administration for approval.

*This is not an official report of Senate proceedings.  Minutes for this meeting will be approved at the next Faculty Senate meeting on Wednesday, February 15.


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