Meeting Highlights – February 15, 2017

The following are highlights from the last Faculty Senate meeting.*

From the Board of Regents – Leeward’s ASNS degree was approved on January 26th.

From the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (ACCFSC)  – Community college faculty senates do not support a UHM Faculty Senate proposed resolution calling for a reorganization of the BOR.

From the Community College Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (CCCFSC)  –  John Morton responded to Faculty Senate motions 17.27 and 17.28 on UHCCP #4.203 Institution Set Standards. 

Motion 17.39 – The Assessment Committee’s proposed changes to the Prior Learning Assessment Manual were adopted.

Motions 17.40 and 17.41 – The Legislative Committee’s proposal for the Leeward Faculty Senate to support H.B. 1591 and 1594 and S.B. 1162 to “establish the University of Hawai’i Promise Program to provide scholarships for the unmet direct cost needs of qualified students enrolled at any campus of the University of Hawaii system” were adopted by Faculty Senate. Senate also gave the committee the authority to draft and submit testimonies in support of both bills.

*This is not an official report of Faculty Senate proceedings.  Minutes will be approved at the next Faculty Senate meeting on Wednesday, March 15th.

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