New Course Evaluation System

Did you know that a new course evaluation system will replace eCAFE?  It’s called the Course Evaluation System (CES) and its planned implementation is Fall 2018. Unlike eCAFE, CES will be mandatory which means all instructional faculty will be impacted regardless of whether you currently use eCAFE, or not. CES is meant to replace the traditional paper-based course evaluations.

The new system was announced in a March 8, 2016 memo from UH President Lassner which describes CES and outlines a plan with implementation dates that have since changed. A January 2017 presentation by UH ITS Academic Technologies Director Hae Okimoto provides an overview of the new system, an updated implementation timeline, and notes key differences between it and eCAFE. According to slide #4:

Campuses, divisions, departments can determine questions sets for courses at various levels.

Campuses, divisions, departments can determine questions sets for courses at various levels.

100% of credit courses will be assessed.

Mobile and web access.

ADA compliant.

Results shared with department/division chair.

Aggregate results of common questions will be shared according to campus guidelines.

Faculty section:

Ability to add questions

Ability to curate questions

Aggregation among sections

CES is structured to have four tiers of questions:

  • Tier 1 – Campus 
  • Tier 2 – Division
  • Tier 3 – Program
  • Tier 4 – Faculty

The Honolulu CC Faculty Senate submitted a set of questions and concerns about CES to Hae Okimoto.  Her responses function as an FAQ and can be found here.

The current proposal from Leeward Administration is for the campus to implement a single Tier 1 question common to all surveys. Implementation of Tier 4 would be solely a faculty-driven decision. Tiers 2 and 3 will be a division/program decision. Leeward’s plan:

  • Tier 1 – Campus (one common question for all courses)
  • Tier 4 – Faculty (left to each instructor to implement as they see fit)

At the January 25th meeting, Faculty Senate established (motion 17.31) the Ad-Hoc Course Evaluation System Committee charged with gathering faculty feedback, identifying questions, and proposing guidelines for our campus. The committee has developed four questions up for consideration as Leeward’s Tier 1 question/statement:

  1. How would you rate the overall quality of this course?
  2. How would you rate the overall effectiveness of this course?
  3. This course helped advance my educational goals.
  4. This college helped advance my educational goals.

The CES Committee will host a faculty forum to solicit feedback on the draft Tier 1 questions/statements.  Della has accepted the committee’s invitation to attend this forum to answer questions about Leeward’s implementation and the phasing out of paper-based course evaluations. This meeting is not intended to answer questions pertaining to the system’s functionality or use. The date for the CES faculty forum is March 6th at 1 pm in ED 201A/B. (Forum was held as scheduled)

In addition to the forum, you may submit your feedback using this online CES Tier 1 Question Survey. After receiving feedback at the forum and via the online survey, the committee will put the Tier 1 questions/statements up for an online vote. The question/statement with the highest votes will be submitted to Faculty Senate for referral to Administration.  (Sorry, survey is now closed)

For the latest update, go to the November 2nd blog post.

Ad-Hoc CES Committee

  • Kelsie Aguilera
  • Jeremiah Boydstun
  • Michael Oishi
  • Wayde Oshiro, co-chair
  • Catherine Walker, co-chair
  • Irwin Yamamoto
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