Faculty Senate Highlights for 2016-17

Aloha Leeward CC Faculty and Staff,

I just wanted to thank the 2016-17 Faculty Senate for all their work this year for the campus. In particular, I wanted to thank Eiko and Wayde for their support and teamwork as a part of the FS Executive Committee. Finally, kudos to the continuing Senators, new Senators, and new Executive committee, James Fujita (chair), Wayde Oshiro (vice chair), and Michael Oishi (secretary) for your service to the college for the next academic year. I look forward to hearing about the achievements of the next Faculty Senate!

Highlights of the 2016-17 Faculty Senate includes the UH Promise Bill, Back Language Credit Policy, revisions to the Policy on Curriculum Review and Revision document, the DE Committee DE Liaison program, and CES.

The UH Promise Bill was enthusiastically supported by FS Legislative Relations Committee’s Co-Chair Raymund Liongson and his students, who spoke directly with our State legislators in support of this bill. This bill is for  $1.8M to meet the remaining financial gap for UH Community College students with financial need. See the FS Legislative Relations Committee’s Annual Report, for details on this exciting bill.

The FS approved the Back Language Credit Policy, an update to the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Manual, to match UHM’s policy on back language credit so Leeward CC can create a MOA with UHM to help Leeward CC students transfer language credits. See the FS Assessment Committee Annual Report for more details. Candy Hochstein, Kepa Badis, and FS Assessment Committee Co-Chair Jeff Judd worked to put this together.

Thanks to Ad Hoc Committee Chair Jeremiah Boydstun, we have an updated Policy on Curriculum Review and Revision document. This document is important in establishing the five-year review of assessing courses as well as describes the minimum requirements in our syllabi.

The DE Committee, under the guidance of Co-Chairs Pete Gross and Warren Kawano, worked to establish the DE Liaison program, which gives support to instructors new to online as well as any instructor interested in improving their online courses. For more details, see the DE Committee’s Annual Report.

All 10 UH Faculty Senates raised a ruckus in opposition to the originally proposed version of the Course Evaluation System (CES), the replacement for eCAFE. As a result, adjustments were made to CES. In the fall, the CES Ad Hoc Committee, under the direction of Co-Chairs Wayde Oshiro and Catherine Walker, will be sending out a survey to the faculty to finalize what question Leeward CC will use in our CES as well as organize CES training for faculty. See the CES Ad Hoc Committee’s Annual Report for more details.

These are just a few noteworthy highlights. To see the Annual Reports of all the FS Committees, check out the links in the agenda from our last meeting on May 3, 2017.

Have a fun and relaxing summer!



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