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Legislative Relations Committee: UH Promise Scholarship Update

Aloha All,

We were all beaming with pride during our Fall convocation as Chancellor Manny narrated how Leeward Community College is taking the lead in many respects of UHCC endeavors.

Earlier last month the Honolulu Star-Advertiser announced the $1.8 UH Promise Program Scholarship on the front page of its August 18, 2017 issue.

Leeward Community College can and should take pride in its students for their persistent and consistent support for the UH Promise Bill.  (Their campaign has been integrated in both the ASAN 204 and ASAN 205 Spring 2017 classes as part of their “real-world” experience.  The group includes our Early College students at Waipahu High School taking ASAN 205).  Please note that Leeward CC students were the only student group throughout the 2017 legislative session that consistently supported and fought for the bill during the hearings.  Noting the flood of written testimonies from Leeward CC students, one legislator even commented (I’m sure, jokingly, in the presence of President Lassner and Dr. Morton): “I see most of the testimonies coming from Leeward Community College students. We might as well just give the money to Leeward.”  Of course our students knew they were standing for students in the UH system, and not for Leeward CC alone.  That was leadership!

The students’ campaign kicked off with a positively-spirited rally in front of the Hawai’i State Capitol on February 3, 2017, followed by written testimonies to the House and Senate higher education and money committees, and personal oral testimonies in the legislature–before the HED, HRE, Finance and WAM committees throughout the season.  Our students also met with legislators and had the opportunity to meet both UH President, David Lassner and UHCC VP, John Morton. It seemed to me like advocacy and real-life education wrapped into one “lumpia”!

Please allow me to share you some photos of our students which were taken at the Capitol on different days. You may use them for whatever purpose(s) you deem fit–from publication to accreditation.

I would also like to thank the Leeward CC Faculty Senate (at that time under the chairmanship of William Albritton) for supporting the the UH Promise Bill.

ONWARD, LEEWARD! We set the pace; others will follow!

Raymund Liongson
Professor, Philippine Studies
Co-Chair, Faculty Senate Legislative Relations Committee, 2015-2017
Leeward Community College