My life as a high functioning autism student

My name is Gabriel Michael Cooper. I have lived in Oahu, Hawaii for almost 20 years. My dad is Michael Lu Cooper, a Chinese African- American, and my mom is Rowena Ascension Cooper, a Filipino. I am the oldest of my three brothers Dobbin, Cameron, and Jaden, but I  also have an older brother, Taylor McDowell. I have two grandparents, and I also have an uncle who has all girls. Thanks to my parents, I was brought into this world. I was born in 1996, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who I am. My name Gabriel was mentioned in the bible of the new and old testament as gods messenger. I remember when I was baptized at the “Resurrection of our lord” church when my Dad, My brother Dobbin and I were simply made to the community. I missed out on a lot of things in my childhood. I do remember some vivid memories about my past like taking a trip to the mainland and also about the crucial moments that seemed to be ordinary to most people, so I prefer sharing them with my parents because they speak better for me. My first day of school was at Holomula Elementary where I lived close to my old house where I used to live. I made a bunch of friends and also got excited to go to school, and then I had to wake up abruptly. My dad was not able to wake me up, but now I get up on my own. It was like that back then, but now, I have experienced a lot more.  For example, I have taken care of a puppy and I have learned to play soccer and piano, arts and crafts, and many more. In 2009, I was transferred into a new school called Kanoelani Elementary. It was a public school in Waipio of course which my family and I were kicked out of our old school because of our relocation to my new neighborhood in Waipio, where my mom’s parents lived, so me and my family moved in. My classmates are expressively rough and tough to understand them, they like to make fun of themselves and each other whatsoever. But what’s worst of all is that I am made to be the worst student to begin with and I have to learn it the hard way. I was a misguided student who does not want to listen. In the 4th grade, well enough fed with the stupid insults of my classmates and bullies I’ve made, I never been a victim to be bullied. But what’s worst of all is that not only that I am a victim to be bullied, My 4th grade teacher Mrs. Fukunaga caged me in a corner with toys to play with in which where nobody can annoy me while she teaches the class English, Math, Science, Reading, and P.E, I am being left out. The reason why she did that to me is because she doesn’t know what to do to help me from listening to the instructions in class and from controlling my unusual behavior. From there my mom found out about me that I have developed autism syndrome, and following up on that I have to be put in a special program where kids like me needed to be rehabilitate my mental condition. I remember vividly about one student who kept constantly peeling off his flesh wounds from his elbow like it’s addicting to dig, which it’s gross and he is very nasty to talk to so I wisely try to keep my distance from him. And also a passive boy who is constantly twiddling with his fingers and hands, mimicking hand movements to puppeteer them as action figures in his own image.

I was influenced by both of their unusual behaviors and that turned me out to be the weirdest and worst student to be, biting my fingernails, and making strange puppets with my hands. So I also had to be supervised with a personal educative credit teacher Ms. Kim Sue. She is usually a mean and strict old lady into pushing me around to do the best I can with my homework assignments, as well as having to read and log every page or chapter in every single day. Plus she would have me all riled up about not having to play with some of the novelty toys in class or having some “free time”. But we have our happy and enjoyable moments in the holidays of which I showed real time effort into Reading, Math and English. Today I became much an independent and disciplined student in college, hoping to get good grades right and accomplishing onto getting my degree into graduation. It makes me wonder that If I were any better to her the way I am now, then I would be very proud and humble and be opened up to new possibilities.

As I followed down into the 6th grade class, I deeply adored a girl that I liked for and I was kind enough to give her flowers as some token of our friendship, for me I am as wacky and silly when it comes to new students, but I find myself contempt behavior as I was being handled thanks to Ms. Kim Sue. Also I made a special friend who makes cool and funny comics that inspired me to make cartoons myself as I find it not so bad to being creative as I put my efforts on his paper comics. Both of my friends are a remedy to me that I am special kind of person  who is humble, smart, shy, funny, and cool to the school.  Moving onto Pearl City’s Intermediate School, 7th grade, I had the opportunity to choose my classes, and every class I took was challenging as well as the first day. It took me awhile to adjust into the art of scheduling to classes and I seemed to know my way around campus just fine, but it’s just that I feel home sick to my old school days, or in any terms to put it, “School Sick”, the most crucial moments I missed are about walking into class from the narrow hill at waipio to school and coming back, it’s unbelievable that was the good old school times just to hike my bike up hill, and after school, you ride down hill catching speed. It’s pretty much an awesome and charitable experience to have as a small time tender moment in the world. Anyway, my life as an intermediate, I grown up from 10 to 13 years old to hit puberty, and began my experience into high school at the age of 16. I learn new things every now and then over the last 4 years in high school from freshman to senior. I did not much of not joining with crazy kids who think there cool about getting into fights,  skipping school, or anything selfish and foolish, where I would just sit inside my classroom period quietly and wait as time passes me to get into my next classes on time. Sooner or later I got an Honor roll to the school bulletin of my success in Math and English, and I was pretty proud about it.