The Paperless Classroom with Google Apps

Recent activity for "The Paperless Classroom with Google Apps," a PRLS 2013 workshop track

Helpful tips using Google apps

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Read the notes, reflections, and tips from the participants in “The Paperless Classroom with Google Apps” track at: Some are included below.


  1. Use labels and filters to organize your email
  2. Everything is in a big bin called “All Mail. Labels are simply tag associations you put on your email messages; they never physically moved… they are labeled.
  3. To search for something specific, type in label: name of label and from: name of person
  4. Use “directory” under “contacts” to access email addresses from anyone in the UH system
  5. Gmail – (Labs) undo feature, insert image, insert attachments, insert mini-Google Calendar


  1. Create a calendar of events for each class, change the setting to “public” to embed for classes and embed in Laulima by following these steps.
  2. You can share your calendar by clicking the drop box under the name of the specific calendar and select “Share this calendar”

Drive and Apps like Google Docs

  1. Go paperless and upload files to Drive. Convert documents into Google formats. Share and collaborate on folders and files in Drive.
  2. You can export a document in any format (i.e. Word) to Google Drive
  3. Configuration: Go to “Setting” and select “Upload Settings” and then “confirm settings before each upload
  4. To prevent a student from moving or editing a file, make the document “view only” by opening up the document and selecting “Share” button which will take you to the share settings.
  5. “View” – the others won’t have privilege to move it or edit
  6. “Edit” – edit access to all files in that folder and ability to move it to other folders
  7. Put all important documents to your “My Drive” (ex./ esp. for ‘Shared with me’ files/folders) so that you can use the Desktop app
  8. “Move” a file into a folder vs. “Add” a file into multiple folders by holding the Ctrl key.
  9. “Shared with me” files do not count toward your 5 GB quota
  10. Convert .ppt to Google Slides format in order to embed into Google Site

Google Sites

  1. Create weekly content modules, topic modules, or resources site for students. Interfaces nicely inside Laulima site. Google Sites presents contents and states what students are to do, when and where. Laulima site is where the students submit, interact, etc.
  2. Google apps embed nicely inside Google Site as widgets – embed docs and youtube videos.
  3. Embed other objects that have embed code using the Embed gadget.

Read more notes and tips on the participants’ Google Docs here.


Google Apps track group photo

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Working diligently in the Google Apps track!


About “The Paperless Classroom with Google Apps”

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Welcome to The Paperless Classroom with Google Apps workshop! With technology and the Internet these days, there are better and more efficient ways to do things and you can save the environment at the same time… by going paperless!


Go paperless by using various Google apps to transform what you and your students do and create new ways of doing things to support and enhance communication, collaboration, your teaching, and students’ learning.


  1. Create a system for organizing your email and use Gmail to find what you need.
  2. Create and share using Google Calendar.
  3. Create, share, and collaborate using Google Docs.
  4. Create a Google Form.
  5. Store and share using Google Drive.
  6. Create a website using Google Sites.

Visit the workshop site for more info:


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