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October 27, 2016


President Barack Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500



Dear Barack Obama, My name is Mesha Hoyle, and I am a student at LCC (Leeward Community College) in Hawaii. As a student starting his second year in college, I’m starting to see how going to college is important to me.  While back in high school, going to college was far out of my mind. I was focused on video games and at least passing with a “C” or better. College to me back then was more of an afterthought. Whenever I thought about college, it made me think of preppy schools like Stanford, Princeton, or Harvard. Once I became a senior, I was getting hit with questions like, “Are you going to college?”, “Where are going”, “How are you paying for college” Even at that stage, I wasn’t thinking about college and what doors it could open for me. It all came to me my first year of college. I was expecting college to be like high school, but it wasn’t. I found that college has actually inspired me to further my education, because it has shown me what path it could lead me toward my future. I would Rather it be my career or life choice, being able to attend college has given me as an individual a goal in life. It keeps me busy and also keeps me curious. But I am afraid, that post high school education is in great danger for our future generation. As a country, education is our backbone to advancing the next generation to be great thinker and also leaders. I believe that the future rests in our children’s hands, but they would have to be educated. There is a dark cloud that’s shadowing future, and it’s the high cost of higher education. The average price of college is 23,893 a year. There has been an influx of people going to college to receive a degree in their desired career choice. Jobs and employers are more selective now days, employers only want the cream of the crop, the best of the best. So if it’s that competitive now? Think about what the next generation of what the children of this country will have to go through. I believe that the government should put more funds toward making higher education more affordable. Because it’s important to make sure our next generation of America are able to go to college. Secondly, to help build graduate salaries and employability, to help sustain our working middle class. And lastly, to incorporate significate contributions to society, with higher educated workers paying more taxes. Which would further more help the middle and lower class of society.

To begin, A high school diploma isn’t enough to get a sustainable job, to support your needs or even a family. That’s why higher education is really important for the future of this country. With the affordability of higher education that our children will be able to receive, the money would help them strive for better jobs. But affordable education doesn’t stop at better jobs, it would also better their life and well beings. And I’m not even including the multiple positive implications, which it could do for our country itself. According to usnews.com, states can benefit from investing in higher education. In the article, it explains, “It is a truism that education is no longer a luxury,” he continued. “Education in this day and age is a necessity.” (Camera, par 8). To explain further, by each state investing more into education, state representatives can strengthen their own economics by subsidizing their spending. While also having their higher wage workers contribute to higher education. And increasing their numbers of well educated workers at the same time. Furthermore, it’s a win-win situation for both the people and the government. The future of our children’s education would be secure. But at the same time, be able to live in a sustainable environment.

My second reason why you should put funds towards higher education. Is to build graduate salaries and employability. I am pretty sure nobody wants to work at an hourly job their whole lives. And as we can already see, the hourly minimum just isn’t enough to support a family. Moreover, by investing in higher education, this generation will get more people into college getting a degree. Which would then, able them to apply at higher salary jobs. Like I said in my first reason, this would greatly improve the well-being of our generation’s lives. “During a 40-year full-time working life, the median earnings of bachelor’s degree recipients

without an advanced degree are 65% higher than the median earnings of high school graduates.” (Payea,Baum, pg.4). In other words, people that got a bachelor’s degree and didn’t pursue a higher level, stayed at an median level pay.   According to Opr.org, Having the chance to go college is better that having a chance. The article explains, “If you explore a major that appeals to you, the payoff will be much larger than without an education”. (Berger, Fisher, par2). Not everyone has an idea of what they would like to do, but that is the fun part about going to college. Finding something that you find interesting, could end up being something that you can make a career out of. From a personal experience, when I first started school, I didn’t really know what I was capable of. But as I got exposed to other people’s ideas and goals, I got inspired in what I would like to do, which is to become a registered nurse.                                           My last reason why you should put more money, toward educations. Is it can effectively contribute to society with the higher educated workers, paying their share of higher taxes. With students graduating with degrees and getting higher salary jobs, that would place them into the high tax bracket. According to Michelle, a student aid at LCC (Leeward Community College), “With an influx of graduate students earning higher paying jobs, it would force them into a higher tax bracket. Which the money could be used to keep tuition prices down.” That would create a revolving cycle of some sort. In an article written by opi.org it says “Investing in education is also good for state budgets in the long run, since workers with higher incomes contribute through taxes, over the course of their lifetimes” (Berger, Fisher, par #4). Again, we come back to sustainability, by having higher education more affordable, we are able to create more qualified workers for higher paying jobs. Which that would intern them to pay higher taxes, which will start the cycle all over again. Think of it as a sort of recycling education. By having educated workers; paying higher taxes, each and every states economy can be improved. It could open up funding that the states usually wouldn’t have available. That money could be used towards improving public schools, fixing roads, and fixing other programs that could benefit from the money.

Now, if you do decide to support and help pour more money into higher education, there could be negative implications. By you investing more money into education, we would have to cut funds from other departments, which can cause negative backlash on your part. But then again, education for our next generation is a pressing matter. On an online article is explains an negative “If students receive free community college schooling without regard for their income levels, America’s College Promise could become a costly middle-class entitlement program. The estimated cost of the program, over 10 years, is $60 billion” (button, keith par 6) In other words, we would have to make a large step toward pay cuts. Plus with the graduate workers paying higher taxes, the money would come right back to them. In the form of taxes.

In conclusion, education is crucial for the future of America. Our children are going to need our help to pave the road for affordable education, so when their time comes, they won’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay for school. I believe that the government should put more funds toward making higher education more affordable. Because it’s important to make sure our next generation of America are able to go to college. Secondly, to help build graduate salaries and employability, to help sustain our working middle class. And lastly, to incorporate significate contributions to society, with higher educated workers paying more taxes. When we can successfully do that, They can solely focus on school and achieving a degree in their respective career fields, which I believe well better their lives and well-being at the same time. Making Higher education more affordable, will provide a stable base in careers and jobs for young people. Which those same people will be leading this country in the near future. So if you truly want to make America great again, support affordable higher education for not only the present, but the future.





Mesha Hoyle     obama-phone-wide


               o_1a5lc0t0s1m9a9lsi477la1f802bIn life, every day brings you something new. You never know what each and every day will bring to you. That’s what’s funny about life, we sometimes take it for granted, but we don’t really know what’s coming next. Furthermore, there are bright parts to life that you tend to always remember. These parts most often contain a significate event that made it stand out. For me, it was the day I got a call.                                                                                                                                                  The call was from Itrampoline Hawaii, a job I applied for a month and half ago. It was May 22; I was just ending my junior year in high school, looking forward to a summer of laziness and long days under the sun, but all that came to a halt when my mom asked me, “What are you going to do to keep yourself busy during summer?”.                                                                                       Then I replied, “Uhmm sleep in? Maybe try and work out”.                                                                   Mom reacted “Sleep in?? Why don’t you try and find a job?”                                                                That’s where the journey started for me, I was on a quest to find my first job. I never thought it would be so hard to find a job.  As a 16-year-old, I didn’t even know where to start. I tried looking in the newspaper, craigslist, and other outlets. I didn’t want to work at a fast-food place, and I hated babysitting, so what was out there for me?                                                                                  There was this new attraction in Kapolei that just opened that month called Itrampoline, so I and my friend, Mark, decided to try it out.  First of all, it was the hardest place to find; Google maps couldn’t even find it. When I looked up Itrampoline online It looked like a gigantic colorful playground. Itrampoline had a foam pit, trampoline with basketball hoops, and even a dodgeball court. When we pulled in to the parking lot, the building didn’t represent anything we saw online. But you know what they say, never judge a book by its cover. We walked into the big front glass doors and was greeted with a smell of a new house and sweat. Remember how I said it looked like an old truck stop from the outside? Well, it didn’t seem that way in the inside. I could only describe it as a party atmosphere; there were LCD lights bouncing off the walls and blaring loud music shouting at your ears. Furthermore, we went along and got our tickets and started to jump. As we were walking down from the court, I saw a sign at the front desk. The sign said, “Hiring now” with overabundance amount of neon colors involved. Then, I thought to myself, “Hmm, I wouldn’t mind working here; it seems like a fun place to the work”; so I walked up to the front desk and asked for an application. I went back home and started on the application. While I was working on it, I didn’t quite understand some things they were asking for, I asked my mom for some help, which is the perfect person to ask because she works in HR (Human Resources) at her job. The one thing that I didn’t understand was a resume; First, I thought it said resume like you see in video games. She shared with me that a resume is a sort of reference sheet of your work history, so that employers have a sense of who they are hiring. Learning how to make a resume was probably one of the most important lessons I learned while applying for my first job. A resume can really help you when going for a job. I wouldn’t say it would guarantee you the job, but it well goes a long way. Back to the story; when making my resume, I of course didn’t have any work history; I’m 16!?, so I was thinking to myself “What can I put on my resume? My hobbies? How many friends I have?” Then, I learned that information on your resume doesn’t always have to be work related. It can be volunteer work that you did; also, if you helped out at summer camps or schools you can include that in your resume, so that’s what I had to do; I included the church work I do and also all the volunteer work I did over the years. After completing the application, I went back to Itrampoline to turn it in. When I turned in my application, the lady which at the time I thought was the manager, told me that they would get back to me in about 2 weeks. Because I was so anxious, I checked my phone, email, and text messages waiting for any sign. Then, about two and a half weeks later, I got “THE CALL”. I was actually kind of nervous when I saw the caller I.D., so I picked up the phone while my hand was slightly shaking. I said “Hello?”, and a nice sweet sounding women answered on the other end. Hearing that voice lowered my nervousness level majorly. She started to ask me how my day was going, and I answered “Great! How was yours?”                                     She answered “Awesome! I called you regarding the position you applied for at Itrampoline”. Then, I replied, “Ohh, yes! The checking attendant!”                                                                     She replied “Yes! I was going over your application, and I wanted to bring you in for an interview”                                                                                                                                              Then, I said, “Okay!”                                                                                                                                    with a slight giggle at the end. After she gave me the date and time, I was so happy. Then I thought to myself, “Interview? How do I do an interview!?”. I didn’t want to ask my mom for anymore advice, so I went to my handy dandy friend…… YouTube. I swear YouTube can replace school. you can learn anything on there, so I typed in “How to get ready for an interview?” What I learned from the video was to always come prepared, always dress well, and don’t show you’re nervous. From Being ultra-prepared, to making sure your resume is updated, and too knowing what time you have to be there for your interview, is never a bad thing. Dressing for success is not a joke; showing the employers that you can dress well is telling them that you are a well maintained type of person. I know that going into an environment like an interview can cause some nervousness, but the best thing to do is to stay calm and don’t stress about the questions. Most of the questions are going to be about you, so if you know yourself, then you should be good. After the interview, I felt like I gave them a good impression. The interview went perfect; it was actually a fun one. A week later, they offered me the job.

      I would say I learned a lot from this life experience; I never knew that this one life event could change my life. It actually matured me quickly, especially being only 16. The job that I eventually was offered has actually been good till this day. I have been able to move up in the company. Furthermore, I believe that this experience has changed my outlook on how I will prepare for future jobs. In conclusion, never take a day for granted because it could end up being your most memorable.




I just got finished watching a movie called The Ride back to the soul of surfing by Nathan Kurosawa. Is a movie was about a cocky, up and coming surfer named David Monroe, which came to Hawaii for a surfing competition. While in his first heat of the competition, he wipes out on a big wave. The wipe out caused him to slip time periods into 1911. There, he encounters the great Duke Kahanamoku. While stuck in the past, David learns the history of surfing and what it meant to be a beach boy. Duke Kahanamoku symbolized many things during his lifetime. Duke Kahanamoku was a big figure that gave the Hawaii people a hero, a man that lived by aloha spirit, and one to put Hawaii on the map.

In the early 1900’s, Hawaii was in a time of change. Development was growing rapidly around the island and tourist started to come into the islands. The people that grew up on Oahu started to see their home change right in front of them. What also came with that was the decline in local culture, which started to bring down the moral of the natives. Duke Kahanamoku was a bright spot during those times. When people think of a hero, they think of someone that’s inspiring and motivating to do well. Many looked up to him as a hero of some sort. In many aspects, he showed that even if you were born in the middle of the ocean, you can still become somebody. Furthermore, Duke was sort of a universal brother, father, and son that everyone can connect to and be proud of. At the end, Duke Kahanamoku gave back hope to the people of Hawaii that was missing. This quote by Duke Kahanamoku after his first Olympic term “Out of the water, I am nothing” (pg 1). This quote is explaining that without his water ability’s, he wouldn’t have been able to aspire others through his achievements.

The aloha spirit really thrived in Duke Kahanamoku’s blood, which makes him a symbol of  the people have met Duke said that he always had a smile on his face, which always shined with aloha. Furthermore, aloha means many things, but most importantly embodies love. Without love there’s no aloha. In order to learn aloha, you have to have a good heart and good intentions. Sometimes you can’t teach aloha, you just have to be born with it. Duke Kahanamoku was born with it and lived the aloha spirit as a lifestyle. Duke Kahanamoku was always willing to help people, that’s why he started out as a beachboy. He would help the tourist learn how to surf. Furthermore, aloha spirit also gave Duke respect. People saw how kind hearted he was and how much love he gave to a person he didn’t know. In the movie, Duke was telling David, “The ride is a spiritual one. Mana, the spirit is what transports you” (42:00 min). Duke was explaining to David that surfing is not a physical sport. Its how and what you feel in your heart, which will transport you. This quote supports my point, by saying that not everything is physical sometimes, it’s emotional and mental. Referring back to how Duke Kahanamoku used the aloha spirit towards others. He didn’t judge people by how they looked, he looked at people from the inside. For example, when David first appeared in duke’s time, duke saved David and let him stay in his house. Furthermore, Duke see if they have a good heart and good intentions. And if they had those, then they pretty much had the basic knowledge of Aloha, which is love.

Hawaii was known as an isolated chain of islands, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It wasn’t known for the beaches until Duke Kahanamoku started TO rise up in fame. Duke kahanamoku actually was one of the first people to start promoting Hawaii. It started as being a beach boy on the shores of Waikiki, to being recruited for the Olympics, and finally staring in movies and traveling the world. When he went on world tours traveling to different countries, people would say “Duke kahanamoku? Surfer? Where’s he from? Hawaii? Where’s that?!” Once Duke started starring in surfing movies in Hawaii that began a whole new era in Hawaii. Furthermore, Duke Kahanamoku put Hawaii on the map and made it to what it is today. Just to think that the state of Hawaii’s main import is Tourism, and the main attraction is Waikiki. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Duke made Waikiki to what it is today. In the end of the movie, there’s a conversation between David Monroe and Blackies son. David says: It’s a great life, living on this beach.” Then, Blackies son replies, I wouldn’t trade places with anybody.” In other words, when David complimented Waikiki and uncle replied that he wouldn’t trade it with anyone, He was saying Waikiki beach means a lot to the life of Duke Kahanamoku and what he brought to Hawaii. Without Duke Kahanamoku, and the things he accomplished, Hawaii wouldn’t be what it is today

In conclusion, Duke kahanamoku was the front runner for Hawaii. He got to share Hawaii’s culture with the world, while still doing what he loved to do. Duke Kahanamoku symbolized many facets of not only people of Hawaii, but for the hope and hero we needed, the aloha spirit we have, and the change we needed for future sustainability of Hawaii duke1


I was born in a town called Waimea on the Big island. I dont really associate myself with Waimea because I wasn’t raised there. I wasn’t raised there. I spent nearly my whole life living in Ewa beach on Oahu. From childhood to adulthood, Ewa beach has been my home. Whenever people think of the Ewa plain, they usually say its hot and there’s sugar cane. I would say that both of those are false. It’s usually nice and breezy in Ewa, especially since we have no mountains to block it. secondly, we “did” have sugar cane, but not anymore. I believe the only place you’ll find sugarcane nowadays is in waipahu.ewa_aerial

The ‘Olelo no’eau that I live by

There are two Hawaiian sayings that I live by.hawaiian-flag The first one I believe in is “E hana mua a pa’a ke kahua, ma mau oke a’o ana aku ia ha’i” and “I moala no ka lehua I keke’ ekehi ia e kaua.” Those are two olelo no’eau’s that my life has been based on. I would like to start following ” E kulia I ka nu’u ” because I am trying to strive for the best that I can be in life, so I can get where I want to be in life. Lastly, the saying that “finish what you started.” My dad has taught me to always finish what you start. That can relate to things like school, relationship issues. Finishing what you started is something you have to do, or else it could lead to more problems.

What is malama?

For essay #3, I am going to talk about affordable education for college student. Education for college students doesn’t come cheap. So I would like to share more about the problem.  this topic, is related to malama, by thinking about the future generations that will need affordable education, so that they can strive for the careers that they want. Many newspapers, magazines and interviews can be reliable resources. I have a friend of my moms that does financial aide for colleges. Also, for jobs nowadays  you need to have a college degree, to get a decent job nowadays. Furthermore, that’s why it’s even more important to make education more affordable. Malama means so many things to me. But it most importantly means, to care about other people but yourself. hawaiian-2

The best Halau

For my essay, I am writing about Halau ‘ike O pu’uloa. I have been going to the halau since last year ,and I have seen what they provide to the students that go there. student’s can go there to register for classes and also for scholarships and financial aide help. Furthermore, I would like to find out what students like about the halau and what benefits them when going to the halau. I have a lot of friends that also go to the halau, so I’ll make sure to get there thoughts about the halau. I think they should use the halau because it would really help students and its free!


Affordable education

I have chose to write about affordable education. I have a friend that works at the financial aid class, that i could ask for information. she has worked at the financial aide office for 2 years and has helped many students get money. She has also seen first hand at what the high tuition cost students.I will ask her what solutions we should implement. And what we as students, can do to help lower tuition for the next generation.fountain-pen