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Rich Kids Land Internships ‘Through Osmosis.’ Vulnerable Students Need More Help Planning a Career.

At the fifth annual Beating the Odds Summit, a meeting for minority and first-generation college students held by Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher organization, career planning took center stage. Read why in our revamped Re:Learning newsletter.

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Leaked Memo From Conservative Group Cautions Students to Stay Away From Turning Point USA

Young America’s Foundation warned that “the long-term damage TPUSA could inflict on conservative students and the Conservative Movement can no longer be ignored.”

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Many States Get Mediocre Grades in 2 Studies of Degree Attainment by Race and Ethnicity

A state-by-state analysis by the Education Trust finds not a lot to brag about in how black and Latino adults have fared in comparison to their white peers.

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A Hidden Strength of Minority-Serving Colleges: Meeting Students Where They Are

The institutions catapult students up the economic ladder better than do their predominantly white peers, according to a new study by the American Council on Education.

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5 Interesting Things About Walmart’s New (Nearly) Free College Benefit

For one, the effort will be independently evaluated by the Lumina Foundation, which says it expects to release some useful research from the study.

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