Communication Skills for Online Learning

Distance classes require a great deal of communication with the instructor and fellow students for assignments and class activities.  But without regular face-to-face meetings, it’s hard to develop personal relationships.  In fact, it’s easy to get isolated and feel lonely.  Get to know your instructor and classmates by sending email, participating in discussions, and joining chat rooms.  You’ll find that just like in regular classes, people are your greatest resource.  They can give you help, advice and support when you need it, and help get you through the rough spots.  You’ll also have a richer, more rewarding learning experience if you reach out.

The Online Education Initiative is committed to making its electronic information available in a variety of formats to meet the unique needs, preferences, and circumstances of individual students. Please select the first option (Multimedia Presentation) for a feature-rich interactive presentation, but if you prefer a simpler presentation that you can access offline or on-the-go, select the second or third options.

Note to iPhone Users: These tutorials have limited interactive functionality on iPhones since iPhones plays all videos in their own full-screen video player. You can still play the videos, navigate by chapter and read the transcript, but for a fully interactive experience, consider using a desktop or laptop computer.

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Online Reading Strategies

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