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Just because a course is delivered in an online format does not necessarily increase of reduce the stress you may experience taking it.  Consider your own sources of education-related stress when choosing to take courses online.  If you feel high stress from giving in-class presentations, than an online course would probably save you from that kind of stress.  On the other hand, if using computers and related technology makes you experience excessive stress, you might reconsider taking a course online, since most online courses rely exclusively on computer technology.

Strategies for managing course-related stress include:

  1.  Know your deadlines.  These include course deadlines as well as important events occurring elsewhere in your life while you are enrolled in the course.
  2. Plan ahead.  If you know that your time will be consumed by a non-course-related activity during a particular week, do your course-related activities ahead of time.
  3. Ask for help resources, especially technological resources, and have them at hand when you are working on your coursework.
  4. Keep in touch with your instructor.  If you do fall behind, let your instructor know immediately, and ask him/her for assistance in planning how you will catch up.

The presentation below explains the different challenges that people may experience with online learning.

Choose the Option Below that Best Fits You: 

spectacles-311831_960_720     Watch Multi Media Presentation

Multimedia Presentation: If you prefer interacting with video information, then this is the option for you.

14376-illustration-of-an-open-book-pv     View the Text Version

Text Presentation: If you prefer interacting with textual information, then this is the option for you.

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MP3 Presentation: If you prefer the portability of an MP3 file, then this is the option for you.



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