YouTube is a new learning platform that breaks many of the old rules around learning

Alfie Days  Pointlessblog has nearly half a million YouTube subscribers, and at 19 earns a lot more than his parents. This is the power of YouTube.
I’m not in that league but often start lectures and talks with the statement that the lecture or talk is a waste of time if it’s not recorded and put up on YouTube, as many more people will watch online than offline. This is an obvious pedagogic benefit – you reach more learners. But its a lesson that’s lost on most traditional educators, who largely deliver once-only, sheep-dip experiences. You’re restricted to numbers in the hundreds or a thousand or two at conferences but online, the sky’s the limit

Learning platform
YouTube is the new television, the largest audio-visual channel in history and the second largest search engine, after Google. Over a thousand people earn over $100,000 from YouTube advertising on their channels and over a million earn other sums. It has uncovered new ways of watching, patterns of attention and new ways of interacting with an audience. In short, it is a new learning platform that breaks many of the old rules around learning.
Unlike education, the web has a habit of producing pedagogic models that have massive user adoption. Short, instructive video is one such Massive Open Online Pedagogy (MOOP). YouTube showed that short, video clips have a serious contribution to play in learning. YouTube EDU put lectures online but if anything this was the old world porting its old bad practices into the new world. A bad one hour lecture isn’t made better by putting it on YouTube and believe me, YouTube EDU is  jammed with bad lectures. It’s TED, Khan, Thrun and the millions of other short instructional videos that have irreversibly changed the learning landscape. These are innovators who understand the use of video in learning and have adapted it to their audience’s needs. Education will not be televised, it will be digitised…<more>

Donald Clark Plan B: YouTube another MOOP (Massive Open Online Pedagogy) Learning will not be televised, it will be digitised..

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