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Monday, August 31, 2015 -Sunday, October 11, 2015 Online

Teaching online is not primarily about your course content. It’s about the interactions you have with your learners and the way you facilitate learning related to the course content.

The Art of Teaching is a hybrid workshop that focuses on moving from pouring facts and figures into learners heads to pouring energy into what is right with each student in the form of attention. This workshop is for online instructors who care first and foremost about student learning and the outcomes they achieve.

How it works

On Mondays you will receive an email to a link of the weeks topic content. Read, watch and review the weekly content.The heart of Art of Teaching Online are the weekly Makes. The weekly content will prepare you before you begin the weekly Makes. 

The heart of Art of Teaching Online are the weekly Makes. Makes are something you make. They are open-ended invitations to make, play, learn and connect. When you complete a Make you earn a badge. Earn all six badges and you qualify for a Letter of Completion. This letter is a valuable piece of evidence for Contract Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion.

Weekly Labs

Each week two optional one hour face-to-face labs will be held on Thursday and Friday from 2-3 pm. The weekly lab is for answering questions you have from the content and for help completing the weekly Makes. Sign-up for the day and time that works best for you. You can swith days and attendance is optional.  We just need to know about how many will be attending the labs each week. 

By the end of his learning opportunity you will be able to transfer your teaching from content delivery to connecting to the essence of who you are with the essence of who your learners are by fostering student engagement, stimulating intellectual development, and building rapport.

The Art of Teaching Online

  1. Module One- Fostering Meaningful Engagement
    1. Relationship– Make a Video Introduction-  (badge)
    2. Relevance Make the Course Relevant Survey- (badge)
    3. Expertise-Make A Teaching Presence Statement- (badge)
  2. Module Two- Stimulating Intellectual Development
    1. Create a Natural Critical Learning Environment Make A Promises Syllabus-(badge)
    2. Ask Questions  Make a Socratic Discussion (badge)
  3. Module Three- Building rapport (bonding) with your students  Make a Life Story- (badge)

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