eCAFE- Instructors setup your surveys now!

The online Course and Faculty Evaluation System (eCAFE) is open now, through Apr 13, 2017.  To use the system, please log in to eCAFE at using your UH username and password.

If you enable any of your surveys for courses that follow the normal academic calendar, your students will start using the system on Apr 17, 2017, and eCAFE will remain open to them through May 4, 2017.  On Apr 17, 2017, you will receive an email providing instructions for the eCAFE system which you should forward to your students. The email will introduce eCAFE and provide instructions on using the system.

If you would like to use eCAFE for courses that do not follow the normal academic calendar, log on to eCAFE, select questions and open the survey when you want your students to complete evaluations.  The survey will close after the last day of instruction.

Please direct all questions and comments to the appropriate contact for your campus, found at


eCAFE Project Team
Information Technology Services

Ecafe Basics

  • What is eCAFE?
    • eCAFE is the official application for Course And Faculty Evaluations at the University of Hawaii. It is a UH system wide tool for faculty across all campuses to gather feedback from the students at the end of a course.
  • Who can use eCAFE?
    • UH instructors teaching one or more classes and students enrolled in one or more classes can use eCAFE. eCAFE can also be set up for staff members from the different campuses, colleges, divisions, departments and subjects to administer eCAFE for their organization.
  • How do I get access to eCAFE?
    • UH instructors and students login with their regular UH username and password. Staff members must be set up before they have access. If your organization would like to set up an administrative eCAFE account, please contact your campus coordinator.
  • How does eCAFE work?

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