Laulima Updated to Sakai 11.4

Below is a list of some of the changes on the Laulima system after upgrading from Sakai 10.7 to 11.4.
User Interface/Layout:
Some interface elements have changed in Sakai 11.

  1. Sakai 11 no longer uses iframes, this is the direction the web is going, though now some content will not be embeddable and will have to open in a new tab/window
    1. Because there are no iframes the blue double arrows to reset the middle portion of the page no longer exists.
  2. My Workspace tab is now called Home
  3. The More Sites tab is now Sites
  4. The Log Out link is now found after clicking your account name in the upper right
  5. There is a “bread crumb” navigation bar under the tab cluster
  6. For instructors, when a site is unpublished (not visible to students), It will be indicated by a yellow banner, along with a link to publish the site, below the “bread crumb” navigation bar
  7. The Home tool is now called Overview by default
  8. When you are an instructor in a site, changing to a simulated student view (and back) is now located on the left, above the list of tools, under “View Site As”
  9. The profile image now appears next to your name in the upper left corner of the Laulima window.New Laulima layout image

Announcements Tool

  • Instructors can reorder via drag and drop (then Update) by clicking the Reorder button

Assignments Tool

  • Grading page allows you to “Navigate between students with submissions only”
  • New feature allows instructors to select multiple students to allow resubmissions
  • Resubmission settings for individual students now apply even after the Accept Until date has past

Gradebook Classic Tool

  • Gradebook is now named Gradebook Classic
  • Issue: When there are categories being used in the Gradebook Classic tool, an error is generated in the “All Grades” view. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

Site Info

  • “Edit Tools” is now called “Manage Tools”
  • “Page Order” is now called “Tool Order”

Lessons Tool

  • New type of content to add available: checklist
  • New column options


  • There is no longer a separate “Add” drop down, those functions are incorporated into the Actions drop down
  • There is now a Trash function for instructors, you can visit that area to restore (or fully remove a file) a file that you move to trash. Files will be available for restore for 30 days before being deleted (files will only be stored starting from the date of the upgrade)

Posted in 2016
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