The DE unit is committed to encouraging and assisting instructors in ways that are consistent with adult learning, and the mission at Leeward CC.

  1. Creating innovative and effective ways to implement technologies to reach online course outcomes. Innovation in the use of distance learning technologies is critical since the technologies for learning at a distance delivery are constantly changing. Understanding the effective use of these technologies in ways that improve learning and enhance teaching is an increasing and ongoing process.
  2. Developing online collaboration and interaction to reach online course outcomes. Collaboration and interaction are implicit in the very nature of online technologies and can eliminate traditional communication boundaries.  and enables institutions to find ways to collaborate in serving the needs of students.
  3. Connecting instructors, learners and community needs to reach online course outcomes. The use of distance learning technologies connects instructors and learners with educational resources, appropriate technology, and a variety of andragogical pedagogies.


Instructors receiving services from the Distance Education (DE) unit will create and reflect on effective strategies to enhance online learning.


  • Provides professional development opportunities for faculty.
  • Provides inter-campus cooperation through online professional development.
    • Support teaching online by encouraging shared goals, using collective resources and connecting in a community of inquiry
  • Removes personal and skill barriers for creating and designing online learning courses.
  • Integrates emerging technologies into the planning, design, assessment and revision of online courses.
  • Designs, develops, implements, assesses and revises regularly scheduled periodic online workshops for faculty in the areas of andragogy and the use of technology tools.
  • Provides opportunities for instructors to experience  and make choices about a range of ways in which they can enhance their online interactions.
  • Assists instructors to identify and implement strategies that use appropriate and effective technologies for adult online learning.
  • Provides ongoing support for instructors to enhance distance learning with technology.
  • Analyzes the systematized data collected by the Office of Planning, Policy, and Assessment.
  • Uses a systematic online course design process  and promotes fostering regular and substantive interaction between instructor and students and among students and content.
  • Provides regularly scheduled and periodic online training workshops for faculty in the areas of andragogy and the use of technology tools.
    • Provides faculty development initiatives to implement strategies to enhance online instruction.
    • Provides faculty development initiatives for emerging methodologies and technologies.
    • Provides faculty development initiatives on how to teach and facilitate online learning.

There is a need to provide formal and informal ongoing support and other resources to instructors at Leeward CC. Research in online learning is constantly evolving as new technologies and strategies are developed, tested, and adapted to varied contexts. While instructors often pursue independent development opportunities, a more systematic and structured approach is needed.

The DE unit fosters effective distance learning by encouraging and assisting in the development of innovative approaches to distance teaching,  and by providing opportunities for faculty to learn and make choices about a range of ways in which they can enhance the effectiveness of online learning.


Learning with Technology for Teaching Unit is located in the Educational Media Center in the Learning Commons Building First Floor, LC-116. Map

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