Blackboard Collaborate Start

First Time Users

Start by following Steps 1-4 to set up your computer and yourself to use Blackboard Collaborate. Then review the “Joining a Blackboard Collaborate Session” section below.


Just in case you missed it, watch the online orientation video.


And for more info, review the “Essentials Guide for Participants” if you are participating in a session, or the “Essentials Guide for Moderators” if you are moderating a session.




Joining a Blackboard Collaborate Session

Note:  For Moderators (i.e. instructors or hosts/facilitators of the session), follow these instructions on how to get your moderator and participant links to your session and other useful tips.

  1. Before joining a Blackboard Collaborate session, have your microphone headset plugged into your computer/laptop. It is recommended to use a USB microphone headset (or at least headphones/earphones or an echo canceling microphone) rather than speakers. This will eliminate potential echoing and feedback and improve your audio experience.
  2. To log into the Blackboard Collaborate session, click on the link given to you from the Moderator (your instructor).
  3. If you don’t have the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher tool installed yet, it will prompt you to download and install it. Follow the prompts. Then when you click on the link to the Blackboard Collaborate session, it will trigger the .collab file to launch the session. For Windows users, choose the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher to open the .collab file (as shown below). For more help on this, please refer to the Launcher instructions for Windows or Mac.
  4. Upon entering your Blackboard Collaborate session, no matter how many times you’ve used Blackboard Collaborate, always run the audio setup wizard to configure your audio devices. Make sure to choose “Single Talker” when you get to the microphone configuration.

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