Blackboard Collaborate Troubleshooting

  1. PROBLEM: Launching the Blackboard Collaborate session is taking longer than two minutes.
    SOLUTION: Check your Java. Exit out of your browser. Go to your Control Panel (Win) or System Preferences (Mac) and find the Java app. Open the Java app control panel and look for the cache. Delete the Temporary Files and set the cache size to 200 MB. Follow these instructions if you’re using a Windows computer or these instructions if you’re using a Mac computer.
  2. PROBLEM: When you run the Audio Setup Wizard, your controls are greyed out and don’t let you adjust the volume (even though the sound comes out clearly).
    SOLUTION: Click “yes” to get through the Audio Setup Wizard. Once out of the Audio Setup Wizard, in Elluminate Live! in the Audio window (lower left with your mic button), the audio controls are now all the way to the left (muted). You will need to run the Audio Setup Wizard again and now the control adjustments will be available for you to configure. Make the necessary adjustments. Normally, putting the control level somewhere in the middle works best.
  3. PROBLEM: You hear audio echoing or feedback in the session.
    SOLUTION: Someone in the session has their microphone on and is using speakers. The audio from the speakers go back into his/her microphone which causes audio echoing and feedback to the others in the session. If you are the Moderator, disable the user’s microphone permission to force-stop his/her microphone. Recommend to the group to use a microphone headset (or at least headphones/earphones or a noise canceling microphone)
  4. PROBLEM: Your headset mic is not working even after configuring it in the audio setup wizard.
    SOLUTION: Exit out of the session. Unplug your headset. Plug it back in. Log into the session again. Do the audio setup wizard to check the sound.
  5. PROBLEM: Web Tour does not display flash content such as YouTube videos.
    SOLUTION: If you have Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher you will need a separate Adobe Flash player that includes Active X to display flash content in Elluminate Live!. Open Internet Explorer and go to Follow the directions there to install. This will install Adobe Flash with the Active X component.If you also use Mozilla Firefox (whether you use it to launch Elluminate Live! or not), you will need the Adobe Flash plug-in for Mozilla Firefox anyways to view flash content (like YouTube videos and other websites) in Mozilla Firefox. Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Save the download file to your desktop then double-click it to run the installation wizard. This installation will install Mozilla Firefox’s Adobe Flash plug-in for flash content to play within plug-in browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, and Opera.
  6. PROBLEM: You log into Blackboard Collaborate and you get an error such as this one shown below saying that you are already logged into the conference session.
    bbcollab-duplicate-login-errorSOLUTION: Check your taskbar to see if you have another instance of Blackboard Collaborate already running on your computer. It could be that you are logged in on another computer, or perhaps you refreshed your page because it was taking a while to load. If you refreshed your page it might have reloaded your login attempt again so just close out on one of them to let the other load up.
  7. PROBLEM: You are running Blackboard Collaborate on a computer with Mac OS 10.8.4 or higher and cannot log into the session or view a recording. (To find which version you’re using, click on the Apple icon in the top left menu and click on “About this Mac”.)
    SOLUTION: Refer to the Launcher Quick Reference Guide. Unfortunately, Apple’s efforts in protecting Macs from Java is causing a problem for Blackboard Collaborate to run since it uses Java. The Launcher program is a utility that uses Java within the utility itself when you launch a Blackboard Collaborate session or recording. You will need to download and install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher utility. (Refer to the Quick Reference Guide for explanation and instructions.) Or to avoid this issue entirely, use a computer with Windows OS.
  8. PROBLEM: On Windows computers, when launching Blackboard Collaborate, the Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) is not recognized by the Java Web Start program, therefore Blackboard Collaborate does not launch.
    SOLUTION: Modify the .jnlp file association to have it open with Java Web Start, javaws.exe. Refer to this help artcile for step-by-step instructions depending on your Windows OS.

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