Monday-Course Outcomes & Activity/Assessment Categories

The heart of your online course are the learning activities. There are three types of learning activities you need to combine to create deep meaningful learning.

Absorb-Do-Connect Activities


 Absorb Activities

  • Absorb-type activities require the learner to read, listen or watch.
  • Most absorb-type activities are limited to student to content interaction.
  • Absorb activities are not assessed. 


Do Activities

  • Do activities require the learner to actively exercise, explore and discover.
  • Do activities most often include student to content, student to instructor and student to student interaction.
  • As a rule, learners should spend a minimum of 50% of their time in do activities- even more would be better!


 Connect Activities

  • Connect Activities help learners link current learning to prior learning, and apply what they learn, to future situations and others.
  • Connect Activities often include higher levels of student to content, student to instructor, and student to student interaction.


The combination activities you create for student learning are used to measure the students’ ability to apply the knowledge or skills to real-world challenges.

 Authentic Assessments

Authentic assessment encourages the integration of teaching, learning and assessing. Do and Connect activities in online courses are assessed.

An authentic assessment includes;

  1. an authentic task for students to perform,
  2. rubric/scoring guide by which the performance on the task will be evaluated.

Developing an authentic assessment for your Do and Connect activities is a four step process.

Step 1. Identify your outcomes of what you want your students to know and be able to do. Your outcomes need to be aligned with your course outcomes. They are typically one-sentence that will begin with a phrase such as “Students will be able to …” (SWBAT). Again, your outcomes need to be aligned with each of your course learning outcomes.

Step 2. Select an authentic task. An authentic task is a Do or Connect activity that  assess how learners apply objective-driven knowledge and skills to real-world challenges.


Authentic Tasks

  • You are less interested in how much information students can acquire than how well they can use it.
  • There is no one right answer, students are constructing new knowledge that differs from other students.
  • Authentic Tasks are your Do and Connect activities and they are seamlessly integrated with assessment.

Step 3. Identify the criteria for the task. The criteria is used to evaluate how well students completed the task and, how well they have met the standard or standards. These questions identify the criteria for good performance on the task. ASK:

  • “What does good performance on this task look like?”
  • “How will I know they have done a good job on this task?”

Recommended Guidelines- Is each criterion…

Step 4. Create the rubric. A rubric is comprised of two components: criteria and levels of performance.

  • Every rubric has at least two criteria and at least two levels of performance.
  • The criteria, characteristics of good performance on a task, are listed in the left-hand column in the rubric.
  • For each criterion, determine to what degree the student has met the level of performance.

Earn Your Badge

Step 1- Course Outcomes & Activity/Assessment Categories

Follow the steps below to list and review your course learning outcomes and activity/assessment categories for your online course.

  1. Login to UH Google Drive
  2. Click on:  Step 1- Course Outcomes & Activity/Assessment Categories In the upper left corner click on “Use This Template” usethis
  3. Complete Step 1- Course Outcomes & Activity/Assessment
    1. List your course outcomes.
    2. Review the Course Student Learning Outcomes Rubric .
    3. Using the rubric score each of your course outcomes.
    4. Post the total rubric score for each of your course outcomes.
    5. List the categories of everything that will be assessed your online course.
  4. Step 1 Example
  5. Share your document allowing comments-Click share in upper right corner.
  6. Sharing instructions:
    1. share1
    2. In share with others click on “Get shareable link”.get sharaeable link
    3. Choose anyone  with link can comment.  share with comments
    1. Submit your document by email to gmwalker@hawaii.edushare with greg   
    2. Include a short reflection on why you earned a badge.

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  1. Laura Sue

    My name is Laura Sue and I am an ICS instructor at WCC. I am already teaching a couple of courses online, but I would really like to improve them. Specifically, I will be working on my ICS 111 (Introduction to Computer Science I) course. I would really love to earn a Letter of Completion. 🙂

  2. Heidi Lee


    My name is Heidi, I am an instructor at the Hawaii Community College. I am teaching my first online class this semester. I also work as a federal Law enforcement Dispatcher. I have been trying to discover ways to teach radio etiquette among radio users, both law enforcement and other staff. I would like to work on developing an online class on Radio Etiquette for law enforcement and emergency response. I would like to earn a letter of completion when all is said an done.

  3. Carolyn

    Hi I’m Carolyn and I teach at UH Manoa. I am currently teaching a few courses online but I want to get better at it. My plate is pretty full at the moment, so I am behind, but I want to learn how to be better, so I am going to catch up and move forward.

  4. Stacy

    Aloha. My name is Stacy and I teach at UHH/HCC. I have been teaching online for a while although I would like to improve my classes for both myself and my students. mahalo, stacy

  5. Janice Ferguson

    Hi. My name is Janice and a nursing instructor @ Kapi’olani CC. I have never taught any online courses and would like to create an online course for one of the classes, which is required for our first semester nursing students. The past weeks have been crazy busy preparing for clinical and trying to keep up with this workshop. So I’m doing catch up.

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