Primary Objectives

All the components in each weekly module are based on the primary objectives for that week.

Primary Objectives

Each week of your course will have one primary objective that is aligned your your course learning outcomes. Writing  primary objectives is a two-step process.

First, you will write each objective from your view as the designer of the course. Primary objectives  include pre-requisites that will help you determine the order of how you will present your activities and assessments in your online course.

Next, you will re-write each objective from the learners points of view. In step 3 you will include each weekly primary objective when you create your weekly topics. The primary objective will be the foundation for each weekly topic.

Primary learning objectives are stated in 3 components

  1. Teach
    State the intention or what will be taught.Teach _______the intent is usually to do, decide or create something. You can only have one answer. Primary objectives state:

    • What the learner will DO
    • What the learner will Create
    • What the learner will Decide
  2. To
    State the target learner. The learners will always be your students (the learner is the same for the entire course).
  1. Who
    State the prerequisites (starting requirements).
    Who _________list the prerequisite skills, knowledge or attitudes the learner must have. You can have multiple or no  prerequisites.  Prerequisites help you determine the order you will present your activities  and assessments. What primary objectives do learners do learners need to learn and do before they are able to be presented with a new primary objective?

After you write ONE primary objective for each week of your course, rearrange them in chronological order according to your prerequisites.

After your primary objectives have been written and placed in chronological order, each primary objective needs to be rewritten in language from the learners point of view.

Return to Step 3.

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