How to Create an Online Course

Participants in this workshop will actively design an online course they will teach.

Objective: During this workshop participants will create an online course using a three step design process.

  1. Decide, categorize and list each activity and assessment and corresponding point value.
  2. Decide and assign each activity and assessment (including non graded items) to a weekly schedule.
  3. Create a weekly topic for each week of an online course.

Workshop Schedule

 Starting to Teach Online is your online resource (textbook).
  • Please review each of the nine steps to quality online learning developed by Tony Bates.  Starting to Teach Online links to each of Tony’s nine steps.
  • Below the link to the posts you will see a “more” button that takes you to Key points and summary of each step.
  • Please read the nine  key points and summaries.

Week 1

  • Introduction of the three step process and Google Documents and Sites.
  • Discussion on the process and the nine steps to quality online learning.

Week 2

  • Begin Step 1 using your DE Course Design Step 1 google document.
  • Locate and list student learning outcomes for the course you will be teaching online. Brainstorm and list each of your  activities, assessments and corresponding point value.
  • Step 1 example

Week 3

Week 4

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