Farm House Lifestyle

This life is new for me. I have always lived in an apartment growing up. My in-laws own a farm, and I am so blessed to have this opportunity to live on and help my mother in-law with the farm. We have everything from chickens to horses. Fresh eggs ate awesome, banana trees are also a great treat I love to eat. It is so beautiful and quiet there, I find myself relaxed at times when the babies are taking a nap! It is a lot of work nut totally worth it. I want to learn more about farming and doing more for my children. I want my children to have all that I can give them so that when my husband and I no longer are with them they will know how to protect and preserve what they do have and cherish it. I believe that God has blessed us with this island and all the natural recourses. We as parents should appreciate it and teach it to our children. Children will be a light that we need to remember to let it shine and grow as much as they can. Being at the farm, my daughter EstelleĀ  who is ten years old, has always lived horses and when you ask her if she likes being at the farm, her face lights up with a big beautiful smile. “What an awesome environment to raise a family!!” said Cara Chang

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