How I Grew

Throughout the semester there were many challenges and obstacles that were to be faced. It was a difficult path and most definitely not the easiest to overcome. This being my first year in college was a bit overwhelming, but the outcome I have been rewarded with was tremendous. In English 22, I have overcame numerous problems that has help me mold myself into the learner I am now. Throughout this past semester in English 22, I have discovered that I am a certain kind of learner and has grown beyond measures.

Aside from all the work that was done in English 100, English 22 has helped me improve in my writing skills. There were different essays that tested our strengths and weaknesses in each type of writing. From narratives to research papers, we were given them all and were put to the test on how well we could execute. Before I came into this class, I had a difficult time expressing my thoughts onto paper, but I have improved on that and can now express what I need to say into words and onto paper. I can also get my ideas across in a smoother way and not jumble up my ideas and put every detail into my essay. After all the lectures and lessons about grammar and mechanics, I have also improved on how to fix those simple mistakes to make my essays sound a lot smoother. Improving as a writer has also lead me to achieve some of the goals I made in the beginning of the semester.

First off, the challenges that I faced throughout the semester really did add up and put me in an overwhelming state. In the beginning of the semester, I was able to set some goals for myself that I believe I achieved by the end of this class. My number one goal for this class was to maintain an A and always put my best work into my essays. Although I did not always put my best foot forward, I was still able to maintain that A in English 22. Another goal that I wanted to achieve was always getting my work turned in on time. This goal was not quite fulfilled as much as I wanted it to be, but for the most part, all my work was turned in. My last goal that I made not only for this class but for the whole semester was to stay open minded and always try new things. I believe I most definitely achieved this goal as much as I could.

Although I achieved some of the goals I had started out with, I had to go through challenges that put me in tough situations. The number one task that was difficult for me to do was balance all the work given to me at one time in numerous classes. In order to address these challenges, I had to take step back and realize that not all of them were due at the same time and that I just had to finish them one step at a time. But even though these challenges were all thrown at the same time, it helped me grow as a person and become more responsible and independent. I learned that writing really can help define who you are and change the way you think about yourself. Before I took this class I thought I hated writing and never wanted to write, but after this class, I realized that writing is not so bad and it helped mold me into a more mature person.

Lastly, writing taught me how I am as a writer. According to the surveys that were given to us, I am more of a millennial student. I am very team oriented and I am very impatient. I also can multi-task but I was not really sheltered from my parents. For example, in class when we would do presentations in English 22, I would always be the first one to go because I am impatient and am a team player. Throughout the class, I also discovered that I am a feeler. I prefer to respond to feeling and personal experiences. I also love to motivate other people and be in small social groups and sharing experiences with others. For example, when we would we in groups for projects or activities, I would be comfortable talking to everyone because I rather connect with others face to face. Lastly, the type of learning style I prefer is visual and kinesthetic. I like to see images and pictures to help me understand what I need to know, but I also try to just jump right into it and figure it out as I go along. For example, in English 22 when we would practice for our vocabulary test, we would draw out images that would help us remember.

This course has tremendously helped me improve on skill that I never thought I would improve on. Looking back at this semester and reflecting upon all the work I have done, really shows that staying motivated and positive will help push toward the end. Although this semester was only a short period of time, I would say I grew not only as a person but as a learner and writer as well.

This Is Me

My life, up to this day, had been a roller coaster with all the ups, downs, and upside down loops. Throughout my life, I have experienced numerous situations that have shaped me into who I am today, starting from elementary school, all the way to my first semester in college. Who I am today has benefited me tremendously in all aspects, and has made me become a confident young woman. My name is Jorden Yamaguchi, and I would like to tell you about who I am.

I am originally born and raised in Waipio, Hawaii. When I turned seven years old, in third grade, my parents decided that Hawaii was no longer the best place for us to live our lives. They chose Las Vegas, Nevada as our new home, and it definitely was a huge change. Through my middle school years in Vegas, my parents started to fall out of love with each other and became a battlefield staying happy. A few years later, my parents decided to get a divorce, and split the family apart. My older sister stayed with my dad a littler farther down the street from where my older brother and I lived with my mom. Middle school was difficult for me to remain focused on my studies, but I was blessed with friends that kept my head straight. When I reached my junior year of highschool, I was certain about moving back to Hawaii for college. My mom decided to have another child, and that was a huge roadblock for me moving back. I was forced to watch my baby brother every night after work which lead me to never finish my homework, and that made me indecisive about coming back to Hawaii. I knew it was a dream of mine to  move back, not really sure what I want to become, but I chose Leeward Community College to achieve my Associates in Liberal Arts.

In school, I’ve always been the type of student to be open to growth but also sometimes try to take the easy way out. I believe that failures an option, and if you really want to achieve something, all it takes is a little more push. In my past experiences, I have seen different ways of learning, but the way that works best for me is just being open to new learning tips and not sticking to one way. One of my interest is playing volleyball, which has impacted how I learn because in volleyball if I don’t succeed, I will keep trying until I get it. One of my personal goals was to play college level volleyball for the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and also to major in hotel management.

There are different strengths and weaknesses that I contain in myself. One strength that I can bring to this semester’s English class is being able to communicate with each of the students in the class in an effective and friendly way that will benefit us. One of my weaknesses is putting my ideas into words because I feel like I have the ideas to write a well written essay, but putting it on the paper is difficult for me. Another weakness I face is boosting up my vocabulary and using different words that fit the situation. The strengths I have for writing are being able to generate numerous ideas, and also using different tones in my essays. An issue I care about and would like to research is regarding violence in America, and people talking about how race is involved in that violence.

Throughout this course, I believe that setting a main goal is important to better yourself and show that anything is possible. My goal for this course is to have a wider open mind for more growth and challenges, and also to build up that confidence in writing and reading with vocabulary and ideas. In order to achieve this goal, staying focused, and trying new things is most important because it’ll expand my horizons in writing. And lastly, this goal is important to achieve because it’ll allow me to be more confident in not just English, but also in myself when moving on to different subjects in school and in life.

Counseling Office Final

Every school throughout the United States has a place where students can go to for advice and guidance. At Leeward Community College, our counseling office provides us with numerous resources that are beneficial. The counseling office is a resource that provides students a helping hand to guide them in the right direction to achieve their goals. Each counselor has their own office that students are assigned to go to retrieve help from a professional. All students should visit the counseling office because they help with career exploration and planning, personal advising, and academic advising.

The counseling office can benefit students with career exploration and planning. When students first start college, they may not exactly know what they want to become or what they would like to achieve later on. According to the Leeward Community College website, under counseling, the counselors can, “Identify the careers or career clusters that reflect the abilities, interests and values you want to use in your career” (par3). Nicole Keim-Fortuno, a counselor here at Leeward Community College, says, “.We do have a new tool that is on the main page of our website that allows students to take a career assessment” She explained that after students take this assessment, they can go see a counselor and receive feedback in what path to take. Kaitlyn Uganiza, a student attending college this year, says, “When I went to visit my counselor, he gave me advice on where to take my college path and helped lean onto the STEM program which will further my major into biology.”

Another way the counseling office may be beneficial is by making students feel comfortable to go to them when they are having personal problems. These personal problems, according to Keim-Fortuno, can be “relationship, family, time-management, and even mental health issues.” According to the Leeward website, “Work with a counselor to resolve any problems that are interfering with your ability to concentrate and complete your assignments” (par 5). This means that the counselors are willing to help and find a solution on any personal academic problems and are willing to listen to any situation. Again, Kaitlyn says, “The counselors are super friendly and they make me feel comfortable knowing it’s my first semester in college.” The counselors are nothing but friendly and are willing to go the extra mile to help students achieve their desired goal.

The last way a counselor may help is by academically advising students. When students identify what career they would like to follow, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the correct classes to take. The website says the counselors will be able to, “Develop an academic plan that will identify the courses you will take each semester until you have earned your degree or certificate” (par 4). This means the counselors will help build up a plan and guide the students to finish college on time. The counseling office also offers another resource that allows students to get help and guidance from home. Nicole says, “We do offer a program called STAR that helps with students academic planning toward their future careers.” Getting counseling may help one decide how exactly to plan in that direction so that way it is easier to achieve one’s goals in a short amount of time. Academic advising is important because if students do not receive the correct guidance, they may end up taking all the wrong classes and wasting time and money. Nicole also says from her background, “When I was in college at Leeward, I did not know what classes to take so I ended up wasting money plus time and graduated with more credits than I needed.” If students take advantage of their resources, it will benefit them the most.

At Leeward Community College, there are various counselors that are more than welcome to help in guidance. Using the counseling office is a great resource in order to make sure each student gets an equal amount of help. The counseling office can benefit students by helping with career exploration and planning, personal concerns, and academic advising. By using this resource, there will be no problem going off track and not achieving what needs to be done.

The Impact of Domestic Violence

The article that I used in my essay three was “The Impact of Domestic Violence on Adolescent Aggression in the schools” by Deanna Szyndrowski. THis article is about the author answering questions about domestic violence between children. She also list some of the effects and risk factors in domestic violence. For currency I would rate it as a seven because it doesn’t really state information on when it was posted. For relevance, I would rate it as a eight because it is related to my topic and the information is at a level of understanding. For authority, I would rate it a six because the author has a master degree in education and is the Director of Children’s Services. For accuracy, I would rate it as a seven because at the end of the article, she cites her sources and provides evidence to support it. For purpose, I would rate it as a eight because her point of view is in there but then turns them into facts. She stays on the topic of domestic violence. craap-test-image


I am interviewing my grandma because she has been through the experience of domestic violence. She knows how it feels and why it is bad. My grandma is about my height, she is 62 years old. She is a hardworking lady and my role model. She never gives up and has a very kind heart. My grandma also has short gray hair and a contagious laugh. Some questions I asked were:

  1. Why do you believe domestic violence is harmful?
  2. How has domestic violence effected your life?
  3. What did you do to get past the experience?
  4. Explain your experience.
  5. Why do you think the bill should be passed nd how will it help?

(Freewrite #6 and #7)domestic-violence_full_page


Malama is about serving and protecting what you truly think maters. For example, “Malama the Aina”, is taking care of the Hawaii environment and caring for what you believe is right. Some topics I am thinking about researching is the transportation of the rail, the water in Hawaii, or problems within families such as domestic violence. These topics relate to malama because it is caring for issues that I believe are worth protecting. The topic I chose was Domestic Violence within children in their own homes and starting a program to help those children. I have a few family members that have experienced this. c1a292cbd1c57067e45ffb692c21ddf0

Counseling Office

The campus resource that I wrote about was the counseling office. I’ve used this resource numerous times to know exactly what I need to do with my schedule to achieve my goal in a short amount of time. My counselor, Nicole Keim-Fortuno, has been very helpful in helping me stay on track. I would like to know the different resources given in this office to help other students stay focused. I will be having a interview with my counselor and also asking other students about their experience with the counseling office. The Leeward Website also has information about the offices and its counselors. Others should use this resource to ensure they can get the right amount of credits and classes without wasting time and money. keep-calm-and-see-your-school-counselor-13

Words of Wisdom


In the list, olelo no’eau, there are many different sayings that can be paraphrased. One saying that I follow/live by is “No cliff is so tall that it cannot be sealed.” This basically means that noting is impossible and anything can be reached with a positive attitude. I can apply this into my life because I an challenge myself to never give up, and to always stay positive. Another saying that I follow is “Life is in speech: death is in speech.” This means that you must be careful with what you say. Also means that power is with words. For example, if you were to abolish the pidgin language, you would also be abolishing the culture of Hawaii. I can apply this into my life because I think before I talk because I wouldn’t want to say something I really don’t mean.

What I’m All About

I am originally born and raised in Waipio, Hawaii until I was about six or seven. I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and spent most of my life there. I consider Las Vegas as my hometown because I don’t really remember what it was like living in Hawaii. Las Vegas is known for being the “Sin City”, where everyone goes to make mistakes. Some stereotypes people associate withy Vegas is the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Meaning people go to do things good or bad, and leave not wanting to remember. Another stereotype would be getting drunk and partying all night because noting really closes in Vegas. Las Vegas has shaped me into who I am because it forced me to become mature faster and see the point of view of an adult living by the strip. I did like living there but I wanted a change. vegas

My Name

The name I was given at birth was Jorden. The reason I was given that name didn’t really have a significant meaning. During the time my parents chose my name, their favorite movie was “Cocktail”, a story about two young teenagers falling in love. The female actress’s name was Jordan and that is what they decided to name me. My mom wanted to be “original”, so she decided to change the spelling with an “e” instead of an “a”. If I could change my name, I honestly don’t know what I would want my name to be. I’m not sure what fits me well. me