February 8

What I found…..

Do you remember about the post I did called The Trend Favorite (for me)? Well, the one thing I learned about clothes is the type of chemicals were used to make it. Clothes came from cotton plants. Plants are organic, right?, so why is something good, so bad for you? The chemicals in the clothes not only hurts us but hurts the ones who makes it (workers). They suffer from neurological and vision disorders. Now, I’m thinking, we should use organic cotton because it helps the environment and people won’t suffer from it.

February 2

Freedom of Water Rights

I think water should be a right because it is our natural resource to survive. For example, in  Bolivia there was a water war going on. Why? you may ask. In the film, FLOW, they explained that Bolivia privatized their own water. Meaning that they sell water at a price where people don’t have enough money to afford it. Not only that, but due to the fact they privatize, many people had no choice but drink dirty water. 1 out of 10 children die before the age of 5 yrs old due to water contamination. They suffer many. We should be lucky that we can afford it, but countries like Bolivia can’t. It’s sad, isn’t it? The question for you to think about is what if you were in their shoes, how will you feel?

January 30

No Divert!

I think that Waiahole shouldn’t be diverted to Ewa due to the fact that is our Hawaiian culture. Just imagine if you take all the water from that place and it wasn’t renewable. It will be dead like how Ewa was. It’s like your taking a part of something legend away and ripping it from our minds, and hearts. Since now it has been taken from Waiahole to Ewa for not just food , but for golf courses. Is that what we really need? It’s just reducing the water from the Waiahole ditch to feed the grass for luxurious things

January 23

The Trend Favorite (for me)

My favorite product ever to buy is my clothes. Clothes is an all round product that we as humans use daily for warmth, comfort, and covering our privates (if you know what I mean). As I said before, that clothe came from all over like the U.S., Europe, Asia, and so forth. Particularly, I know that clothing is made from silk, cotton, wool, denim, leather, fur, and so on, but some, I don’t know what made the clothing and materials. Some came from plants, other type of organic material, and some are synthetic.

January 16

The Rider of Wai’anae

I’m from the west side of this island called Wai’anae, not really Wai’anae, but between Nanakuli and Wai’anae. A little area called Ma’ili. It means little pebbles in Hawaiian, Well other regions on this island think that Wai’anae is filled with mobs, gangs, etc. There are problems in Wai’anae like teen-pregnancy, fights, mobs etc.  but we are not the only ones who have problems like this. Then all of sudden people tend to make up stories about Wai’anae and what they do if you don’t behave. I came to Wai’anae 11 years ago and from what I’ve seen or heard isn’t true. They may fight and have mobs but they resolve afterwards. Wai’anae has taught me a valuable lesson to always speak your mind. No matter what you say, it causes both positive and negative impacts. Just have to face with the consequences that was placed upon you. I have never gotten into any conflicts so far, but it made me realize that I am much stronger then that.

January 11

The Truth Behind My Name

There is no meaning to what my name stands for but when I hear my name, I feel some sort of connection to it. I remember that my mom told me that Kamana came from my great grandmother. To my opinion, she was an amazing woman who always freely says what’s on her mind, and she didn’t really follow the rules that well. She was adventurous, care-free, and highly stubborn. It reminds me of myself when I was a kid but I’m still like that till this day. My mom probably knew that I would be like that. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. If I was given a chance to change my name, I wouldn’t change it. Finally realizing that my name is perfect for someone like me because it is my past and my future. I would make my ancestors mad if I change my name and I want my future generations to know the story of my life.