Free write #6

ESSAY 3 (one that I did but did not turn in -_-)
I started off my essay with an issue that I found out about a month ago. This issue brought a lot of thoughts that needed to be let out. The Great Barrier Reef was shown as a barren waste land and no one, not even the government was doing anything about it which upset me. Since I was able to write a essay it brought out many thoughts and debates. My essay spoke out to the Australian government on their whereabouts about the reef officials.

Free write #3

Having trouble with money? I definitely did.
Financial aid has been a big help, especially in times of need. ENG 22 allowed us to venture off into groups in order to scout the different locations around the campus. One location that was brought to my attention was the Financial Aid office. Now if you don’t know what financial aid is, it’s basically a bunch of people who help you look through your tax and sort out how much money you can earn with amount you get paid from tax.

My home

My home is a place where I made memories. As a kid, I always enjoyed going home because it was a place where I was comfortable. I enjoyed the different scents of the food that was being made, I never wanted to go out because my home was were my imaginations took place. I love my home, it made me who I am now.

I am me

My name doesn’t really mean anything , but my second name ” Joy ” means something to my parents. As a kid I was always joyful and I was such a smiley child. Honestly, if anyone asked why I was named the way I am, it’s because in most Filipino families, the child usually has 2 names. That was unique to me.

My person

Do you believe in the saying, “ When in love, do you remember your significant other’s facial looks or fond memories? It means you’ve lived with this person in your previous life.”

You see, there was this young man who I had met during the summer of 2016. He was a strong and slim, courageous but mature man, and his heart craved for adventure and adrenaline. He was the most magnificent and most intelligent individual that I have ever encountered. However, we have never met, personally.. But we’ll get to that later. To most, he was was the most outgoing person and was never bothersome. Outside of school, he was an adventurer with the most persuing heart, and I must say he was the “ Life of the paaartehh! ” Like a lion in the jungle, he had me captured, and I was his prey. His voice, oh that sweet voice. Whenever he had spoken to me, his melodic voice was like a church praising and worshiping God. It was like the nectar to a bee, he completed me. It was those moments that I knew from then on, I had the biggest crush on my Mr. Right. Fast forward to almost a year later and I am so happily in love with this young man, who I am proudly happy to call ‘Mines.’

It all began with a question and to be honest, and instagram post, on June 26, 2015. I will never forget that day. The guy that I dreamed of, thought of over and over, finally had the same feelings for me that I craved from him. As time went on, we grew a deep bond, understanding and accepting each other’s past, loving and caring for each other with all the power invested in us. From introducing each other to our family and loved ones, to having late night convo’s with my cousins, and helping out at the party, we have shown each other our hearts, weaknesses, our most damaged self, our deepest fears and our darkest hours. We have been through so much with each other, from spending the day with my family at Wet’ n ‘Wild, to sharing one of our magical moments by sharing our first official kiss and making love for the first time. We have come a long way, from participating and interacting old unhealthy habits, to overcoming our temptations and doing what’s best for us and our future.

Meeting my Mr. Right was the most important day in my entire life, because he has shaped me into the person I am today. Mentally, spiritually, and physically, I have never felt so much more full in my life. I thought I would never… ever feel this happy in my life. I had changed so much and he didn’t even know it. I was much more calm around him, I wasn’t so on edge, I could actually breathe… hmmm…ahhh. I could finally hear my own breath. My broken heart had finally been mended together. My Mr. Right and I now? What we do now? Well he just recently visited and although I did not own a car, he was patient with me. We adventured and lived life to the fullest, enjoyed the sunset at Pokai Bay and ate some ono Loco Moco, and drove around the island and enjoyed some juicy pineapples. Lastly, we shopped all the while and enjoyed a comedic movie before he departed the islands and flew back home. He plays a biggest role in the reason to me overcoming my fears, making me more mature presently and raising my state of mind. I look at life so openly; I try my best at everything that I do, for me, and for my Mr. Right. He’s the reason i wake up and try to be the best woman, the best girlfriend, the best friend and… companion anyone could ever ask for.

Looking back at my whole life, my whole book, or my painting of life as most would say, if I could change anything? Anything at all? It would be, to have made the encounter with my person sooner, than he had come. There are no words that can describe my love for this man; he has been there for me through everything; the highs and the lows, when I was going through family problems and mending them back together. My Mr. Right has astounded me and continues to amaze me everyday. If there were a way or word to define our bond? Simply, unconditional love.