Word of Wisdom

Reading the Oleo no’eau something I connected with was line five “build yourself a firm foundation before helping others.” what this means in my own words is that you need to learn how to work on yourself first whether it is loving your self or achieving your goals before you help others because you cant help others if you aren’t happy with yourself or haven’t achieved your goals, therefore there is no wisdom to share with others. A wise saying that I still follow till this day is “work hard play later” and “if you want it then go and get it”. I follow these quotes because it inspires me to do better and to always push through no matter how hard life gets or that task can be because the more I complain about something and don’t do anything about it then it will be myself that is holding me back not the challenges.Image result for achieving goals


The restaurant I decided to review is Gyu-Kaku, Mililani. I chose to dine at Gyu-Kaku because I have dined there before and I personally enjoy Gyu-Kaku’s food and service. The criteria I will be using is customer service, timing, cost of food, quality of food, parking, and appearance of the restaurant. some information I need to research is looking at the Yelp reviews that previous customers have said about Gyu-Kaku’s services and looking at Gyu-Kaku’s official website.Image result for gyu kaku


I chose to write about how to work at Mililani Wingstop. I chose to write about this topic because I work at Mililani Wingstop for the past two years and there are multiple steps to becoming a “wing expert” at the cash register. learning how to use the cash register can take some time to master, for me it took me about a month to master the cash register. given I did have past cashier experience. The equipment that you would need to work at Wingstop is Wingstop uniform, dark blue jeans, nonslip shoes and visor/hat. some warning I will provide in my instructional manual is customer complaints and giving the correct quote time. Also in my instructional manual, I will be including working the cash register, working at the expo and calling out the customer’s order correctly.Image result for wingstop


After reading the mindset packet, I had found out that I have a growth mindset. A growth set is someone that likes to challenge themselves and push to do better. Some things I can do to maintain my mindset is to never give up on a task no matter how hard that task may seem and to always push to do better in everything that I do from school, home, and work.  Having a growth mindset can help me reach my goals faster because it will help me be more open to taking on more challenges that will help better my working skills such as communicating, being a hard worker, team player and learning how to time mange.Image result for thinking


I am from Mililani, Hawaii, and I live in Mililani, born and raised. People classify my hometown as filled with of a bunch of “spoiled” and “rich” Asians. Especially, if you live on the top of Mauka you are considered the most “richest and spoilest” because living on the top of Mauka can cost around one million dollars at times. Mililani is also known for our Mililani Football Team. Our aluminas from Mililani loves to show off their brown and gold spirit by watching and supporting the football players, cheerleaders, and band. My hometown has taught me to push myself through all the negative comments that people may say about you because one day those people and bullies that gave you a hard time in life; they will get their karma one day, and until then, you should just move on. Life is going at full speed, life will continue with you or without you. Like my cheer coach always said “you do you” meaning just be yourself whether you are into sports or into video games, just do whatever makes you happy because you only get one shot at life so might well be true to yourself and live your life to the fullest. Image result for mililani high school

Who is Kobi?

My name is Kobi Lynne Badillo. Originally, my name was supposed to be “Kobi-Lynne Namiko Badillo” but, I was told that my mom panicked when the birth papers were given to her, instead of putting Lynne apart of my first name my mom put Lynne as my middle name. I believe I got this name because my mom wanted a unique name. One day she came across Kobi and fell in love with ever since. My mom had told me regardless if I were a boy or girl my name would still be Kobi. The name Kobi comes from a city in Japan notable for the origin of Kobe beef. … Kobe is also said to consist of two kanji “Ko” (meaning ‘god’) and “Be” (meaning ‘door’) which may also fit since the city of Kobe was built around a shrime which opened the doors to Japanese gods. If I were given the chance to change my name I would, only because of the constant question I get from people “Kobi?… Like Kobe Bryant?”  but then again, I like my name because it is unique and I feel it matches my personality. 
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