Where do your trash go? This question is one of the many questions that I don’t take my time to think about or do research on because I didn’t think its a very important question to know about. After thinking long and hard about where might my trash go, I came up with an idea that after I throw my trash into the trash, from there the trash truck comes and picks it up to bring it and throws it into a landfill or a place like H-Power, where it will eventually be burned to make energy or if it doesn’t go to H-Power, than it would go to a landfill, where some places either burn the trash or pack it up to send to other states, who will then figure out a way to make use of the trash, maybe they’ll burn the trash to produce their own energy instead of depending on others to provide them energy. Where exactly does our trash go?

Flying Money

My money usually don’t go towards the products that I want to purchase, but when I do get the chance, I buy this hair cream product called “Cantu”. I have not been using this for long, I’ve just started using it just a few weeks ago. I purchased this product because I really liked the smell and I just wanted to try it for myself and see if would help my hair grow and give it more strength so it could be thicker. The smell of this hair product is really good. I would say I do like this product because not only does it help keep my hair smelling good all day, but it also helps keeps my puffy hair less puffier than it really is. Whenever I use this product, my hair is not what it would normally look like, and it also helps keep my hair dangle-free, which is why I would continue to purchase this product.

Favorite Product

I do not normally buy many products because I don’t have enough money to spend. The things that I buy are the essential items that me and my family needs in order to survive. But when I do have enough money, I would spend my money on probably clothes/shoes or any product that helps keep your visual appearance a pleasant sight to look at, from to bottom. Shopping and spending money is not my thing, but if or when given the opportunity, I like purchasing any product that helps with hair growth and strength. Ever since I started high school my top priority is to grow my hair as long as I can before cutting it, for I have a very important reason to growing my hair. I may not entirely know for sure where this product is made, but I know for sure it can be found at Wal-Mart.

ENG 24 Knowledge

I learned many valuable lessons in my English 24 class. I got the opportunity to expand my knowledge about the planet and what is happening to it without having to go from one place to the other. Expanding my knowledge before-hand will be helpful to me in the future since What I want to do in the future is to travel all around the world to gain more experience and knowledge from the different culture and traditions all around the planet Earth. One of the important lesson that I learned from my English 24 class is that Water Scarcity is a huge problem, but not that many people are even concerned about it because they don’t realize it that there is a chance that in the future, there will not be enough clean water for everyone. Learning this has changed my habits because before learning about Water Scarcity, I was one of those many people who pours down their half-way filled clean water in the sink after drinking. I have changed my pouring out water habit by instead of pouring out the leftover water in my cup, I pour it in my plant’s pot instead. Pouring water in my plant’s pot instead of down the sink is a good habit because not only is that not wasting water, but it also saves you more clean water because the plant is a living organism(it needs to be watered anyways) which means it needs water, too.

Environmental Racism

To be honest, when it comes to talking about environmental racism, I would not know how to approach this topic because I have never encounter an obstacle concerning environmental racism before. But doing some research on environmental racism, I found out that on the July 19th, the City and County of Honolulu executed its sweep of more than 350 residents from the strip of land at Maili point known as “Guardrails”. The land has been held in reserve for future expansion of the PVT landfill and has been on the city’s short list of potential landfill sites for 40 years.

Contaminated Products

Who is to blame for the toxins in our products is a question that has no right answer to. Some people say the ones who is at fault are the companies that are making these products because even-though they know that the product is contaminated with toxic chemicals, they still produce and sell more of their products to customers who are unaware of the toxic chemicals in the product they just bought. On the other hand, the companies defend themselves saying that the people are the ones who are at fault too because they are the ones demanding the companies to sell the product that they want, not only that but in this world of growing fast delivery, people/customers will keep demanding more and more products, along with that they will want their demands to get to them right away, no matter how far the product is coming from. One of the many solutions to solve this problem is to decrease the number of demanding and fast delivery, for if the customers demands less, they will see that they can use some of the products that they have in their homes to recreate it into the product that they wanted.

Silent Deaths

What I found shocking/disturbing is that big factory companies and CEOs are willing to keep their factories running, even when they know that it could or has killed thousands of innocent people, mainly poor people who has no idea how deadly the chemicals inside factories are and if they do, they don’t have enough or no money at all to support themselves and their family. The powerful people always choose the poor people to dumb their leftovers and deadly chemicals on without telling them and trying to hide it from the poor people, which is unfair because they don’t even have money to feed themselves, where are they supposed to go for medical attention. Why can’t the powerful people stop treating poor people like they are not human beings, too.

Right Vs. Good

When it comes to water, there should not even be a dull question such as should water be a right or good? This is one of the most ridiculous question I have ever heard, because water is a right, not a good. Water is not something that is man-made, which is why water should be a right and not a good. Water is one of the resources that was given to us from God. Companies should not be controlling the use of water because it is not something that they made. Water was made for each and every living creature that lives on Earth. If water was man-made, then it would give the government or companies the right to control the use of water.

Diverting Water To Ewa

Water should be diverted to Ewa because with Ewa’s growth, not only does it benefit Waiahole, but it also benefits all of Hawaii by attracting more people and tourists to spread awareness of Hawaii to other states. Diverting water to Ewa will also help bring more of its original beauty, Hawaii will look like it did back in the olden days. The diverted water will be a huge help because the Ewa side is really dry and it rarely rains, so without the diverted water, what is Ewa side going  to use to keep it healthy and beautiful to attract more attention, which can also bring more money to Hawaii. Many may disagree that water should be diverted to Ewa side, but without that diverted Ewa will dry up.

This Is Me

Who am I? Is a question I often ask myself. I may not entirely remember about my childhood or the island that I was born on, but I will never forget that I am an islander who was born on the island of The Marshall Islands. I was mainly raised in the mainland. The Marshall Islands has various islands made up entirely of low-lying coral atolls, if you don’t know what that means picture a roughly circular body of protected water, dozens of miles across with a ring of squiggly lines around it. Those are the islands, built on a coral reef encircling the lagoon. Together, the lagoon and the islands make an atoll, formed thousands of years ago when a volcanic island sank into the sea. My home has shaped me into a young lady who wants nothing more than to help out my island keep the culture alive.