Future Pharmacist


I want to be a pharmacist because I am fascinated by the mechanisms of drugs. I am fascinated of how a pill of such a small size performs life saving miracles. I always wonder to myself how something so small like a pill can change someone’s life in such a big way. I want to become a pharmacist because I want to help improve people’s lives by using pharmaceuticals and also, I want to learn about how different drug molecules react to different parts of the human body. I also want to become a pharmacist because I have worked at a pharmacy for almost 4 years and would like to bring changes to some of things I noticed such as making myself as a pharmacist more available to the public rather than relying solely on my technicians. These are some reasons why I want to become a pharmacist. 🙂

If you received any sum of money as a gift, what would you do with it?


If I received a million dollars or more, I would give most of it to my parents! I want my parents to live comfortably and happy! They have been there for me throughout my whole entire life and if I had any amount of money, I would let them spend that money on anything they wanted! I would take them on trips and fly them to any place they want to go. Also, I would use that money to pay off my school loans, my car loan, my parent’s bills, and so much more! Everyone wishes they were rich, but it’s only a fantasy.

Why is your name King?


Hi, I’m King, nice to meet you. Cool name, why did your parents name you King? I’ve been asked this question so many times! Well honestly, there is no special reasoning behind it. My father wanted to name me King because he was soo obsessed with the Hawaiian monarchy & Hawaiian culture that he decided to name me King. He was going to add Chief to my name, but thankfully he didn’t because that would be tragic. LOL. Fun fact: I use to tell people that my mom gave birth to me on King Street, that’s why my parents named me King. Of course, I would say just kidding. It made the conversation funnier since the reasoning behind my name was so boring. Overall, I like my name, its is very unique. I haven’t met another King yet, but I’m hoping one day I will.

Campus Resource (JOB PREP SERVICES)


The Job Prep Services program is a great resource for LCC students to seek for job opportunities. The Job Prep Services helps students to build and perfect their resumes. When applying for a job, you will need a resume that will make you look professional. I did not know that this resource had campus events and I would like to know what these events are about. To obtain this information I need to interview or ask someone from JPS. Students will benefit from my resources because it will make it easier for them to find a job. (See my essay below of Job Prep Services for more details)

Learning & Growing as a Learner

Learning & Growing

Time sure does fly by fast! I still can’t believe I made it through my first semester of college! Looking back in time to my first day of school, I honestly was debating if I should walk back to my car and consider dropping all my classes. The day I first walked into class, I thought to myself, what did I get myself into? Being away from school for about 4 years, I was accustomed to my working lifestyle, that my education was fading away. I didn’t know what to expect coming back to school and what it felt like being surrounded by a crowd of people. I didn’t know if I would be able to even write a complete sentence, or if I was using appropriate grammar, or even know how to express my thoughts on a piece of paper. I felt soo lost coming back to school. I literally remember the second day of class, Ms. Chang already assigned us to write an essay! In that essay, we wrote about who we are as a learner, what goals we would like to achieve in this class, what our strengths were, our weaknesses, and basically introduction ourselves to Ms. Chang. A few months later, as I look back at that essay, I’ve noticed that I’m progressing as a learner and a writer because my writing skills had improved, I was able to overcome challenges that I‘ve encountered in this class, I was able to fulfill my goals, and I learned a lot about writing!
I noticed that I’m progressing as a learner and a writer because my writing skills had improved drastically! Looking back at my first essay, it was very disorganized and no structure what so ever. Throughout this course, I was able to learn about how to come up with a thesis, topic sentences, finding evidence and support to reflect my thesis and topic sentences, and also I’ve learned how to structure my essay by following an outline so everything flows naturally. I noticed that I’ve improved as a writer because my vocabulary (thanks to the vocabulary quizzes) expanded and my writing techniques such as punctuations and transitions has improved. With all the essays that I had to write this semester, helped shaped me into a better-improved writer. As you can see, my writing skills are growing and my learning process as a writer is expanding.
I noticed that I’m progressing as a learner and a writer is because I was able to overcome difficult challenges that I’ve encountered throughout this semester. Some challenges that I faced were keeping up with my homework, waking up for school, interacting with other students, procrastinating, and especially presenting! What helped me keep up with my homework was organizing and prioritizing my assignments by its due dates. This helped a lot because I was able to get my assignments done on a timely matter instead of procrastinating. Waking up for school, I had to set multiple alarm clocks and I’ve learned to open up more by being more social around people. The greatest challenge that I’ve overcame was presenting because I was that type person that would sweat, shake nervously and dreaded talking in front of a class. However, I faced my fears and pushed myself to do it, and now it’s not that bad since I see these students almost every day. As you can see, my learning process is expanding and I’m proud to say that I’m growing as a learner and as a person.
I am progressing as a learner and a writer because I was able to fulfill my goals that I had set for this class. According to my first essay, my goals were to pass English 100 and English 22, expand my vocabulary, and improve as a writer. By the looks of it, my goals have been fulfilled! I am passing both of my English classes, however, next semester my next goal is to not only pass English but also achieve an A+ in that class! My vocabulary has expanded, I was able to use words from our vocabulary quizzes in real life situations and also in my essays. This course has helped me understand that writing is fun but it takes some time getting used to it. By understanding that writing is fun, thus, made it easier for me to improve as a learner and a writer.
I noticed that I’m progressing as a learner and a writer because I learned so much about writing in this English class. I’ve learned how to write all kinds of essays such as argumentative and research essays, informative essays, persuasive essays, and literary analysis essays. Yes, I must admit all of the essays were hard to do, however by dedicating a few hours a day to focus on one paragraph at a time has helped me get through it all. Also, what made me a better writer was from all the editing and feedbacks that were provided by my peers, Ms. Chang, and from the students at the writing center. With their feedbacks, it helped me with what I should include in my essay, what I should leave out, corrected my grammar, helped me with my transitions and so much more! All these factors contributed for me to grow into a better learner and writer.
According to the self-assessment essay, I learned that I’m a feeler. I fit as a feeler because I’m a sensitive and gentle person. I like to go with the flow and I like listening to other perspectives that are being offered by other people. My learning style leans more towards kinesthetic because I learn more adequately by being hands on. For example, when Ms. Chang had us do the scavenger hunt, it made learning fun because I enjoyed engaging in activities! My characteristics of a student would be millennial because, with out technology, my life would literally be over! I can literally do my homework while browsing through Instagram. I’m also a millennial student because I live a hectic lifestyle, which includes going to school, going to work, going to church, attending social events, and so much more! By doing these surveys really helped me to understand who I am as a learner and how I learn best.
In conclusion, this semester was a great first experience of college! I was that student who was considering dropping all of my classes because I was afraid of growing. However, I pushed myself and decided to stick it out and look at me now, I’ve made it through my first semester of college! I learned that I can conquer almost anything if I truly put my mind to it. It will definitely take some time to get the task done, however, with time and dedication, I know I can get through any obstacle. What I learned from this class is truly setting a strong foundation for me to exceed in life!



Kalihi! Kalihi is where I’m from! There are many negative remarks when people hear the word Kalihi like Kalihi is so dangerous, or Kalihi is so ghetto, etc. However, I’m proud to say that I’m from Kalihi! What makes Kalihi special is the people/community. The community of Kalihi is always there if someone is in need of help. The community loves supporting school functions whether it’s football, basketball, volleyball, you name it the whole Kalihi community will be there cheering you on! I love Kalihi because everyone is so diverse! Kalihi is filled with all different types of cultures and races, and this is what makes Kalihi so unique. Yes, Kalihi might not be the nicest place in Hawaii but, from all the aloha spirit from everyone in Kalihi, this is what makes Kalihi soo beautiful!



Need Help Getting A Job?
Seeking a part-time job that will help you make some extra cash, or even a career that is not only well paying, but also comes with a sustainable amount of benefits? Look no further, the Job Prep Services (JPS) is here to serve you! Located at room AD222, the Job Prep Service’s lead coordinator, Sandy Hoshino, along with her colleagues are here to help you find a job! All students should use JPS because they have online tools and job search engines that will help you find a job, career fairs along with in-class seminars to educate students about the job search process, and they will also help you customize your resume, and also set up mock interviews to help you feel more confident during an interview. With the help from JPS, you will find a job in no time!
The staff members of JPS are very knowledgeable when it comes to preparing students for employment. Sandy Hoshino stated, “We help students with their resumes and with their cover letter. We also help students find jobs that they are interested in and help them apply for it. Also, we can customize their resume for that specific job.” (Hoshino. Personal Interview). Hoshino also mentioned that JPS is great at preparing students for job interviews. If you are not comfortable with job interviews, JPS will set-up mock interviews, and they will mimic potential questions that job interviewers would ask. This process will help you gain confidence, and you will also learn how to over come any question that you might be asked from an interviewer. Most jobs nowadays require a resume before employment. It is very important to perfect your resume before submitting it to the employer. The reason why you should perfect your resume is because the employer will first, read it; secondly, he/she will decide if you deserve a verbal interview based on what is written on your resume; and lastly, he/she will decide if you are fit for the job. By using JPS, you can definitely perfect that resume of yours, and you will definitely feel more confident when it comes to a live interview.
JPS has online tools and job search engines that can help students find a job! According to the JPS’ online website, it states “The JPS staff can help you look for jobs, both on and off-campus.” (Job Prep Services). Just by visiting JPS’ online website at www.leeward.hawaii.edu/jobs-students, you will be able to access job search engines like the Job Center Online resource tool, that help you find job postings in the local community. This resource tool is 100% legitimate, according to Sandy Hoshino, “We screen the job posting first to make sure the job is real and legitimate before posting it to our Job Center Online bulletin.” (Hoshino. Personal interview). If you are looking for a job opportunity on-campus, you can use the SECE resource tool to find job openings on any UH campus. Each resource tool is very easy to use, all you have to do is type in a description of what type of job you are looking for and the job search engines will pull up all the job listings relating to that specific job description. This is a great resource to use if you are thinking about what job field you want to work in, or if you’re just a student in need of a job.
JPS participates and hosts on-campus events like career fairs! According to the JPS’ pamphlet, it states “JPS offers to Career Fairs a year, hosts an Open House each semester, and brings employers to campus for recruitment activities.” (Job Prep Services). This is a great way for students to interact with employers and potentially land a future job position just by talking to them! This will be a great opportunity for students to learn more about JPS and how they can benefit from their services. Another great benefit that Hoshino mentioned is that, teachers can request for JPS to set up in-class seminars to help teach students about the job search process!
So, if you feel like you need a job, or are in need of extra money, the Job Prep Services are here to serve you! There are many benefits that comes from JPS. Some benefits include preparing you for job interviews, perfecting your resume, providing online resources and tools, career fairs, and most importantly, they will help you get the job! Make sure you take advantage of this free opportunity! So, kiss that empty pockets goodbye, because with JPS’ help, your pockets will be filled with cash!

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Words Of Wisdom


The first topic that I live by is “learn all  you can, then practice.” In life, we need to continue to grow and continue to learn so that we can be able to perform what we learned. I try to learn as much as I can. The more you learn, the more you’ll get to success. The second thing that I live by is “an expert is recognized by the altar he builds.” I always thought to myself that whatever I do in life, it reflects me as a person. I want to become a pharmacist because people will take me more seriously since it is a professional profession. One thing that I would like to follow is “strive for the highest.” In life, I should always strive to be the best that I can be, but be humble about it. By striving for the highest, I know one day I will be successful in life. In my culture, we say “imua,” which means forward. I use this word to help me get through my day. I tell myself, “keep moving forward, tomorrow will be a new day and another chance at life.” #staypostive #stayhumble



When I hear the word Malama, I automatically think about to care for. What Malama means is to care for our environment, our land, our people, our elders, and so much more! We must Malama (care) for our environment and land because we need to preserve our land for future generations to live in. If we trash the land, Hawaii will be destroyed and so will our marine life. The topic that I’m interested in writing about is about the overpopulation here in Hawaii. In my opinion, I think Hawaii is way overpopulated. People need to stop moving here! Traffic for one has increased over the past five years. It used to take less than 15 minutes to get from Aiea to Kalihi, but now it takes over 30 minutes because of all the traffic we have here in Hawaii. This topic ties in with Malama because with the high population here on Hawaii, the more pollutions there will be! With all the construction happening in Hawaii, our land is being destroyed! Our island doesn’t even look like and island anymore! In my opinion, there should be a law that foreigners from other states moving to Hawaii are allowed to live in Hawaii for max 5 years only.


King Madali
99-384 Hakina Street
Aiea, HI 96701

October 31, 2016

Governor David Y. Ige
Hawaii State Capitol, Executive Chambers
Honolulu, HI. 96813

Dear Governor David Ige,
Domestic violence is a critical issue that impacts everyone in our community. It will take a continued coordinated effort to improve our system response to meet victims’ needs and enhance victim safety. Domestic violence is the state of intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a recurring pattern of power and control performed by one intimate partner against another. The length and severity of domestic violence can vary drastically. According to Hawaiisaysnomore.org, their website explains,“50,000 women between the ages of 18 and 64 are victims of domestic violence each year in Hawaii”(Domestic Violence…and Statistics par 5). This is such an important issue here in Hawaii; for I to, who’ve witnessed domestic abuse within my household which occurred quite often, yet no legal action was enforced. As a young-adult, the living nightmare of my parent’s domestic relationship still haunts me till this day. The government of Hawaii is to penetrate laws to help protect it’s citizens from peril. I humbly ask of you to support Hawaii’s legislature penal code S709-906, Act 251, which is “to strengthen Hawaii’s law protecting family or household members from physical abuse”(Stat. No. 1330 Act 251 par 22). With that being said, the state of Hawaii should enforce laws to make punishment more harsher for domestic violence abusers by strengthening law enforcement duties, enforcing stricter temporary restraining orders (TRO), and enforcing longer incarnation sentencing. Domestic violence punishments are easily brushed off by law enforcements, and thus, making the domestic violence victim feel vulnerable and afraid.
First of all, the state of Hawaii should enforce laws to make punishment more harsher for domestic violence abusers by strengthening law enforcement duties. If there was to be a domestic violence happening in a household, or elsewhere, it should be first prevented by the duties of our law enforcement. Our law enforcement (police officers) is to protect the citizens of Hawaii. Law enforcement (police officers) should be stricter towards the abuser by not only providing warnings but also holding them accountable for their actions. Officers are required to order a person to stay away from a family or household member if the police officer’s judgment that the family or household member is in danger of future physical abuse. Having someone leave the household for 24 hours, in my opinion, 24 hours is too short and it lacks chastisement. Instead of having someone leave for 24 hours, the abuser should be arrested and be kept in jail for 24 hours. This will provide victims with a safe period to seek refuge or assistance. Moreover, it will be an eye-opener for the abuser, so he/or she will learn that there are consequences when it comes to domestic violence.
Second of all, Hawaii should enforce laws to make punishment more harsher for domestic violence abusers by enforcing stricter temporary restraining orders. Separating the abuser from the abused victim with a temporary restraining order (TRO) seems ideal, however, how long will that take? A Honolulu Star-Advertiser newspaper article features police officer, Maj. Kurt Kendro, who explains, “Without either a temporary restraining order or protective order in place, confronting, calling or stalking the victim may not be considered a crime”(Bill Closes Protection Gap For Abuse Victims 3). In addition, the article then states, “The problem, however, is that the protective order is not valid until it is served on the abuser, leaving the victim vulnerable if the abuser avoids being served”(Bill Closes Protection Gap For Abuse Victims 2). This means that the abuser is more likely to attack their victim before the TRO is served. Furthermore, abusers are aware of this loophole, meaning they will intentionally try to avoid getting served, leaving the victim feeling afraid. If the abuser continues to avoid getting served, without a TRO, it might not be considered a crime if he/or she continues to harass their victim. Hawaii needs to push for laws, to allow victims’ of domestic violence, to obtain TROs without having the need to serve the abuser, in order to validate the TRO. Furthermore, arresting the abuser will make it legal to do, with or without a TRO. This shows that by enforcing stricter temporary restraining order laws, this will help domestic violence victims feel more protected and safe.


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