I am born and raised on the island of O’ahu. I currently live in Kapolei, Hawaii. My hometown is known to be the “second city” as it has started developing within the past two years; new malls, houses and theaters have been constructed. Some stereotypes that people associate with where Kapolei are; we’re hoes because Kapolei High School has the highest pregnancy rate, and we’re spoiled because we have all the new malls, houses theaters, and we have air conditioning in all of our classes at school. Whenever someone from the mainland finds out I am from Kapolei, they always say “you’re so spoiled” and “Kapolei has all the hoes”. My home has shaped me who I am into a family-oriented, friendly, strong individual because everyone in Kapolei somehow knows each other, and it has made me strong because it taught me to ignore the negative comments and stereotypes people associate with me because I know who I am and I am the complete opposite of those stereotypes.


Mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. If I had to describe my mindset, I would say I have a growth mindset. I am always open to improvement and the thought of learning new things intrigues me. Some may look at failure as a negative and get down on themselves, but when failure happens to me, I embrace it; I use failure as a learning experience. In order to keep this mindset, I need to continue to embrace challenges and failure and continue to stretch myself. Having a growth mindset can help me reach my goals for this class and my career since I am always open to improvement and challenges; I also strive to be my best in everything I do.

What is Aiko Raeleen?

My name isn’t that extravagant but rather more on the basic side. My full name is Kayla Aiko(愛顧) Raeleen Pepple. My mother and father both wanted to contribute to my middle name but could not come to an agreement on one name, resulting in me having two middle names. The “Aiko” comes from my dad’s side. My dad made Aiko my middle name because my grandma’s middle name is also Aiko. Aiko is a Japanese female name. The “Ai” in means “love, affection” and the “ko” means child. The Raeleen comes from my mom’s side. When I was younger, my mom’s really close friend, Raeleen would always take care of and babysit me. If I were given the chance to change my middle name, I would take out Raeleen out of my middle name because she does not play a significant role in my life, and I barely remember her, so to me, Raeleen is kinda just a random middle name I have. Instead, I would add “Sechan” who is my great-aunty who always had a positive impact on me and recently passed away this past December, she is also my motivation to chase my dreams, never give up, and to be successful to make her proud. Whenever I am going through hardships I always hear her voice in my head telling me “don’t give up, follow your dreams Kayla”.