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  1. What I Learned

    April 20, 2017 by kylie6

    I thought that the United States uses the most waste, but since we are our own country, we should at least try to become more waste friendly, by telling ourselves if we really need this item or maybe if we want to buy a new item, we could donate or sell our old products to make room for the new one’s. Also, I thought that China would be second in line to having more waste too, being that this country has lot of people in there population. But China is the last country on the list to having waste.

  2. How to help?

    April 20, 2017 by kylie6

    We should do this project were we collect garbage at the beach. After we collect trash are reward would be going swimming, because we would be doing something  nice for the community. By doing this good deed, it will make us a better person by doing something that we care about. Another reason is that doing a trash pickup will not only make us a better person,but it would help the marine life so they won’t get sick.

  3. Water Rights

    April 20, 2017 by kylie6

    I agree that water should be a right, so people in different countries don’t get sick from lack of hydration. Also, it would make these people happy by having the privilege to access to water.

  4. Goodbye Garbage

    April 20, 2017 by kylie6

    I think our trash is shipped off to another state, and these wokers use these machines that smash our garbage into squares. In the book The Story of Stuff, United States has the most garbage production, about 4.6%. I wonder why U.S.A has a higher percentage, and all these different countries like Australia, Canada, Japan and China all have smaller percentages. My guess is that these different countries eat small portions of food, and they don’t buy a ton of items like how people in the United States do.

  5. Best Thing

    April 20, 2017 by kylie6

    Most of my money goes to buying food products , because we need food to survive. I like buying this item because there are so many different kinds of food to choose from. One of my favorite food to eat is pizza, if pizza was the only item in my refrigerator I would probably eat this food product everyday. Without food we would starve and die from starvation. Also, we are very lucky we even have food to eat at all because there are some countries that don’t have any food.

  6. Reason to divert water

    April 20, 2017 by kylie6

    I think water should still be diverted from Ewa to Waiahole because these citizens that live in the area need water to drink, not only to drink , but water to clean themselves. Also, these citizens need water to grow crops, so they have food to eat. Water is important because without it, everyone will get dehydrated and slowly get sick.

  7. Why Consumers?

    March 19, 2017 by kylie6

    I don’t necessarily want to blame companies, but they do make products using harsh chemicals. I think us consumers are to blame because we are the ones that buy these products that contain these toxins. Also I think before we purchase an item, we should look at the ingredients to see what kind of chemicals are being used, before people expose a product to a child. Another reason is that people in Hawaii like eating poke. Nobody can say “no” to eating poke, but eating too much  raw fish contains mercury which is bad for the body because it can effect the nervous system. And there is no rule on foods you should or should’t eat, just limit how much you eat so you don’t get affected easily.

  8. The Most Shocking Thing

    February 14, 2017 by kylie6

    One shocking thing would have to be the process of making books. I have tons of books on my shelve, but I had no idea how much effort it took just to make one book. These workers have to go through the first step of papermaking like mashing fiber, blend scraps of paper, put water, whirl it up, and slurry them to a screen to dry. The other part that caught my attention was all these harsh chemicals in making books. These harsh chemicals are Chlorine, Mercury, and Petroleum- based. This also makes me curious on how we use these products on a daily basis, with all these products that we use, theres always going to be some bad chemical or something that makes these things like the book enjoyable for people.


  9. My Favorite Product

    February 1, 2017 by kylie6

    My favorite product has to be my Iphone, because i use this product all the time. I use this product mainly for texting, calling, going on social media, listening to music, but I use my phone the most to play games. The games that I play are Candy Crush Saga, 4pictures 1 word, and Soda Crush. These games are really addicting to me. I am pretty sure that my Iphone is made in China, and it’s made out of medal, plastic, and copper. I can’t go without my phone because it keeps me entertained.

  10. Mililani

    January 26, 2017 by kylie6

    I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Now I live in Mililani. It is known for the red dirt because long time ago this company called Dole Pineapple grew pineapples all over Mililani. I think Mililani is a beautiful place to live, with the view of the mountains and how it’s always peaceful when I go outside. These things make me feel less stressed.

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