Laulima Updates


New to Laulima or haven’t used the system for a while? A Laulima Orientation video is available along with things that every Laulima user should know.

    • Spring and Summer 2013 courses have been unpublished (not accessible to students). Instructors can re-publish courses at any time. (08/22/13)
    • Missing a course? Fall 2013 courses are currently published (accessible to students). If you do not see your course listed in the blue tab bar, check if it is listed under the 201410 or 201413 term under the “My Active Sites” tab. Note that instructors can also manually publish and unpublish courses, and that you can also check which course spaces you are associated with (including unpublished courses) in the My Tools tab at MyUH. If it is not there, please fill out a “Request Assistance” form and provide detailed information about the course you are looking for. During very busy registration times courses may take a while to show up in your account. (08/19/13)
    • Firefox 23 blank page issue. Firefox’s most recent update to version 23 (non-ESR) changed that web browser’s behavior. Pages with mixed content (eg. open non-secure pages displayed in a secure site such as Laulima) may not display. If the “shield” icon is available, you might consider turning off that feature for specific Laulima pages. Advanced users may choose to turn off that feature via the about:config page. We are looking into this. (08/19/13)
    • Copying and Pasting from Word. If you are copying and pasting from Micrsoft Word (or other word processing programs), you should consider using the “Paste from Word” (or “Paste as plain text”) button to avoid extraneous text or garbled formatting.
    • Web browser recommendation. For most tasks in Laulima, we recommend using Firefox 17 ESR (Win/Mac/Linux). While other browsers should work with Laulima (eg. ChromeSafari), we find that Firefox is the most compatible. When updating or first using a web browser, we recommend clearing the web browser cache first.
  • Update your UH password! As part of a practice to ensure a safe computing environment for our University of Hawai’i community, ITS is recommending that users change their UH password at least once a year. This process will allow you to update your password to our latest password requirements as well as “encrypt” your password with our latest up to date process. Click the links for more information and to update your password. (09/21/11)

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