Laulima Attendance Tool

Are you looking for a simple way to record attendance in your face-to-face or online course?  The Laulima Attendance tool might be just the tool for you.   Did you know that for every course section you teach (face-to-face or online) a Laulima course shell (with roster) is created?

With the Attendance tool enabled you can:

  • Quickly print a functional sign-in  sheet that you can use to check people in (without technology).
  • Quickly take attendance on the fly without paper by clicking “Take Attendance Now”.

You may wish to customize the tool to your situation by:

  • Customizing the criteria (example: Present, Absent, Excused, Late, Left Early, Comment).
  • Setting up your Attendance Items in advance (vs. on the fly)  by clicking on “Attendance Items” and entering a Name, Date & Time (repeat for each planned class meeting).
  • Grade Attendance and send it to Laulima Gradebook

Lastly once you begin using the tool you can view statistics by Attendance Item (ex. by class meeting) or by Student (ex. student’s record of attendance)

Here is an overview video of the Attendance tool (University of Dayton 5:05 min.)


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