Copy Content from your Previous Laulima Course

This is a quick guide to get you set up on copying content from another Laulima course site. (For instance, you want to copy last semester’s content into your upcoming Laulima course site.)

1. Identify Tools

Before you can copy content from another Laulima site, you need to find out what tools are in that site so you can add those same tools to your current Laulima site. Go to the Laulima site you are looking to copy from and write down the tools you have in there. (Note: Don’t worry about the Web Content items.)

  1. Log into your previous Laulima course site (aka your old or original site) that contains the content that you are looking to copy.
  2. Write down the course Laulima tools currently being used.  

<Screenshots or video here>

2. Add Tools

Next log into your new Laulima site there are a few prep items to complete prior to importing content.

  1. Log into your new Laulima site on the left menu bar observe the tools you have in there by default.
  2. From your site’s menubar, click Site Info.
  3. Click Edit Tools.
  4. To add a tool, check the box next to the appropriate tool name; you can select more than one at a time. To remove a tool, uncheck the box next to the appropriate tool name.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. On the confirmation screen, you will see a list of your site’s tools and any changes you’ve made. If the list is accurate, click Finish. To edit your changes, click Back, or click Cancel to exit without saving your changes. Your new tools will appear in the menubar. To change the order of the tools, see the next section.

<Screenshots or video here>


3. (Optional) Arrange Tools in Order

You may wish to reorganize the new tools to match a prior course menubar or your personal preference.  For example list them in order of most accessed to least.

  1. From your site’s menubar, click Site Info.
  2. At the top of the page, click Page Order.
  3. To reorder tools, click and drag the different tools until they are in the order you want. (For example, you may want to move the most important tools to the top of the list so participants are more likely to find them.)
  4. Click Save to save your changes.

<Embedded video tutorial showing how to add/remove tools. Use the same video from the page.>


4. Import Content

You should now have the structure in place to copy or “Import” your course content from another Laulima course site.  Do not rush through this process,  your concentration at this juncture is critical.

    1. Log into the Laulima ( site of your new course.
    2. Click on the Site Info tool
    3. Click on the Import From Site link
    4. Click on a choice:

Replace my data – Use if your course is empty and you have not yet added any materials.

Merge my data – Use this if you have already added some materials to your site

  1. Select the course (or courses) that you want to input materials from and click the Continue button.
  2. Select which material you want to copy and click on the Finish button.

<Embedded video tutorial showing how to import contents from the site you want to copy now that you’ve added the tools. (Use the same example site as you did above.)>


5. Re-publish Content

Now that you’ve copied your existing content from a previous Laulima site to your current/new site, you’ll need to edit your content to get it ready for the current semester. Below are instructions on how to edit content in some of Laulima’s basic tools. For more detailed help with these Laulima tools or other tools and other options, click on the links in the right-side menu, “Laulima Tools”.

Re-publish Announcements

  1. In your siteʻs left hand menu bar, click Announcements.  
  2. Identify an Announcement to edit.  Under the announcement subject line, click on Edit.
  3. Make the desired changes to your announcement to update the delivery of the announcement for this semester.
  4. Click Save Changes, Preview, or Cancel.

<Embedded video tutorial showing how to edit and publish “draft” announcements. Use the same Laulima site in recording these videos for consistency.>


Re-publish Assignments

  1. In the left margin menubar, click Assignments.
  2. Identify an Assignment to edit.   Under the assignment you wish to modify, click Edit.
  3. Make your revisions to the Assignment due dates.
  4. Click Post, Preview, or Cancel.

<Screenshots or video here>

Re-publish Assignments, Tests, and Surveys

  1. In the left margin menubar, click Assignments, Tests and Surveys
  2. To the right of each item you will see an Open, Due and Allow Until date and time which you can update.
  3. Click Save

<Screenshots or video here>

Re-publish Forums

  1. In the left margin menu bar, click on Forums
  2. Identify the Forum which you would like to activate. Select Forum Settings and set the availability dates.
  3. Select Save

<Screenshots or video here>

Edit Gradebook

  1. In the left margin menu bar, click on Gradebook
  2. Observe your Gradebook Items.  Yellow highlighted items will need to be updated through the tool (ex.  assignments tool) where the score originates.  
  3. Identify and click on a title of a Gradebook Item to open.  Select Edit gradebook item settings to update the title, points and due dates etc.
  4. Select Save Changes or Cancel

<Screenshots or video here>

6. Update Syllabus

  1. In the menubar, click Syllabus.
  2. Click Create/Edit, and then click Add.  
  3. Enter a title for your syllabus item.
  4. Under “Attachments”, click Add attachments. Click Browse to find your syllabus PDF file and select it. Click Continue.
  5. Optional: Under “Email Notification,” if you want your students to be notified by email that you’ve posted your syllabus in Laulima, choose High – all participants. (Otherwise keep it as None – No notification.)
  6. When you are finished, click Post to post the item, Preview to view it, Save Draft to save it as a draft, or Cancel to cancel.  

<Embedded video tutorial showing how to add new syllabus. Use the same Laulima site in recording these videos for consistency.>


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