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Register for the “Laulima Challenge” on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 8:30-10:00am in LC 108A.


Use Laulima’s basic tools to set up a course site for the semester.


  1. Edit Tools: Identify how to add/remove tools in a Laulima site
  2. Syllabus: Add your syllabus
  3. Forums: Create a discussion forum
  4. Assignments: Set up an assignment
  5. Tests and Quizzes: Create a quiz
  6. Gradebook: Add a gradebook item
  7. Announcements: Create an announcement
  8. Import from Site: Identify how to copy/import content to a new Laulima site

You can earn the “Laulima Challenge Finisher” badge of achievement if you successfully complete the workshop’s objectives. You can also earn a letter of completion if you setup your Laulima course site and implement it in your class. Details here.


Laulima is the University of Hawaii’s online collaborative learning environment. You can use Laulima to organize class materials, streamline communication with your students (including feedback on assignments and grades), reduce paper use, and increase student engagement for your online and face-to-face classes. In this fun and interactive challenge, you will work with a partner to learn how to use Laulima’s basic tools so you can set-up your courses for the upcoming semester.

Laulima Challenge Activity

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