Laulima Forums: Profile Photo and Statistics & Grading

New in Laulima Forums – profile photo and grading and statistics!

Profile Photo

Forums now has the ability for everyone to show their profile photo next to the posts you authored. To add your photo, go to Laulima > My Workspace > Profile and upload your photo there. This adds a personal touch to online synchronous discussions when you can see the person’s photo of who you’re conversing with.

Laulima My Workspace Profile Picture

Add profile photo

Statistics & Grading

The Statistics & Grading feature allows the instructor to see activity statistics such as how many posts a student authored and read. (Although, I’m not too sure how accurate the “read”/”unread” statistic is since you have to manually click the “Mark all as read” button when you open a thread to mark it as “read”.) With this feature, you can view statistics for each student/user or by topic. It also makes grading easier because there’s a link to input the grade right there, too, that’s connected to the Gradebook tool. (Note: You must add a gradebook item for your discussions in the Gradebook tool before you’re able to input grades from the Forums tool.)

Screenshot of Forums stats view by "User"

Forums stats view by User

Screenshot of Forums stats view by "Topic"

Forums stats view by “Topic”

Click here to learn more (complete with screenshots) and check it out in your Laulima sites!