Creating a web page for your Laulima Home page

In every Laulima course site > Home tool, there is an empty “Workspace Information” area that you can use to put something welcoming and/or informative for your students to see upon accessing the Laulima course site. While you can type directly in the area by clicking the edit icon, Laulima Support advises that you create an HTML web page file, instead, as there are sometimes problems with Banner syncing with Laulima that may cause that area to delete/reset.

To create a web page in Laulima to link into your “Workspace Information” section, follow these instructions, starting on page 6.

Copy and paste is easy with Laulima’s new text editor

Fortunately, with Laulima’s recent upgrade, the text editor got updated too. Now you can copy/paste from Word into Laulima’s text editor box without garbled text in the source code that shows when you post. Yay!

Unfortunately, however, copy/paste from Google Documents into Laulima’s text editor box now has weird formatting, although not the exact problem that Word had. In most cases the extraneous formatting code is in the source code view and not when you actually post. Nonetheless, to remove the unnecessary code from copying/pasting from a Google Document into Laulima’s text editor box:

  1. Copy the text from your Google Document.
  2. Paste your copied text in Laulima’s text editor (in whichever tool you’re using).
  3. Highlight all the text by click-and-dragging, Ctrl A, or Cmd A to select-all, and click on the “Remove Format” eraser button in the toolbar. It will remove the text formatting, but yet, retain your hyperlinks. (Note that this “Remove Format” feature means it will remove all text formatting such as bold, italics, and colored text.)