Thursday – In-Class Working Day, Sharing, and Wrap-Up

  1. 1-minute energy booster
  2. Activity 5: Create Assessment Task
    • Share samples of good tasks – What are the parts of a good assessment task?
    • Complete your Assessment Task
  3. Activity 6. Create Measurement Tool
  4. Lunch
  5. Sharing: Presentation with Peers

Scenario: We are your students. Using one of the authentic assessment tasks you developed during this workshop, introduce the task to us and how it will be measured.Your presentation will be evaluated based on the following rubric:

Task linked with course student learning outcomes or institutional learning outcomes.
Task immerses students and provides real-world experience.
Directions for tasks are clear, and explicit.
The assessment provides measurable and clear criteria using a rubric

6. Activity: Reflection

7. Post-Assessment Survey

8. PRLS Evaluation Survey