Tuesday – Checking-In with Industry & Thinking Through Your Student Products

  1. 1-minute energy booster
  2. Research and Share:What is your industry looking for from graduates of your program?
    • Using the Internet, research the above question.
    • Scenario: You are an employer seeking to hire new graduates of Leeward CC. Create a visually appealing job flyer describing the characteristics of the employee you wish to hire. You may use PowerPoint, Smore, FlyerLizard, or any other online poster service.
  3. Activity 3.Check-in with Industry
  4. Lunch
  5. Guest Peter Leong: Power of Connecting with Industry
  6. Activity 4Components


Contact your industry person and make an appointment or do a phone interview. Consider how you can involve industry in your classroom.

Ideas may include:

  • Ask professionals who do the work the students are training to do for suggestions of projects, terminology, and standards they would ask their employees to complete of follow.
  • Convene panels of industry professionals and educators to review and critique tasks and assessments.
  • Invite industry professionals to attend student presentations and then provide feedback on the professionalism of the work presented. Their feedback can be incorporated into a graded assessment or serve as a more informal formative assessment.
  • Invite industry professionals to serve as subject matter experts for your class, host a threaded discussion or online webinar for questions and feedback to students.

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