Monday – What is Authentic Assessment?

Ground Rules

1. Ice Breaker Activity – The Power of Story

Participants will give their name, present the item they brought, and, in a minute or two, tell the group the story behind that item.

  • Why did you choose it?
  • What special memory does it elicit for them?
  • What is its significance given your topic?

2. Workshop Overview and Objectives

Participants will

  • define and provide examples of authentic assessment
  • identify student products and components
  • create authentic assessment tasks and measurement tools built on course SLOs which can be used immediately
  • participate in a collaborative learning environment

3.Orientation to Edublogs

4. ActivityWhat is authentic assessment?


5. Presentation: What is authentic assessment?

6. Activity 1. Identify course SLOs

Fill out Worksheet 1

Post completed worksheet to Edublogs

7. Activity 2. Measurable Knowledge & Skills

Fill out Worksheet 2

Post completed worksheet to Edublogs

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