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September 11, 2017
by Wayde Oshiro

$tudents $ave with OER & Textbook Cost: $0

" "Leeward continues to lead the system with OER and zero-textbook cost courses this Fall.

Total student enrollment in the 289 Textbook Cost: $0 courses is 5,371. Ninety-two instructors are teaching Textbook Cost: $0 courses this semester. Direct cost savings to students for Fall 2017 is $512,630. Average savings per enrolled student is $95.

Since 2014, Leeward faculty making the leap from commercial textbooks to OER and zero-cost have saved students an estimated $1,627,749!

Hats off to Leeward faculty for making the tough decision to opt out of the commercial textbook marketplace. Not only have you saved your students $$$, but your actions are having a direct impact on the for-profit textbook publishers and their heretofore unchallenged pricing strategies. This has led to lower price inflation in the textbook market. Competition is a good thing.

For many of you, the time and effort spent converting to OER were not inconsequential. However, your hard work has resulted in great benefits for both you and your students, including:

  • Freedom from high costs. OER is zero-cost to students.
  • No mandated edition changes. OER gives you full control over the content.
  • Materials are customizable according to your specific teaching needs. OER is openly-licensed for you to use.
  • No restrictions on access. OER is available to all students from day one and beyond. No time limits.

Want to learn more?

Textbook Cost: $0 infographic showing Fall 2017 figures: 289 Textbook Cost: $0 courses; 5300+ enrollment; 27% of total courses at Leeward are Textbook Cost: $0. Breakdown of courses by division. Leading divisions with OER courses are Social Sciences, Language Arts, Arts & Humanities & Math & Sciences

View this infographic online at

9/12/17: Infographic updated to use the correct name for the Business division.

September 11, 2017
by An Hollowell
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Student Wish List for the Library

Student Library Wish List

Last week, the circulation staff put out an interactive white board asking patrons to write suggestions to improve the library.  We have received some interesting–but useful–suggestions!  Currently, the top 3 needs are:

  1. More study spaces/tables
  2. More computers
  3. More food options

We appreciate the patrons’ enthusiasm in participating and will consider their suggestions.  The board is still on display waiting to be filled with more comments!

September 11, 2017
by An Hollowell

Library Aide I – Federal Work Study

We still have Federal Work Study positions open in the library!  If you come into contact with students in search of campus jobs and have been awarded Federal Work Study, we have posted a job ad in SECE .  If they have any questions, they can contact Kale directly  (x209 or

September 2, 2017
by An Hollowell

Sustainability Committee

" "

On Friday, September 1st, Natalie Wahl, Instruction Librarian, called the first Sustainability Committee meeting of the Fall semester. A few items on the agenda included campus composting, an ongoing search for a student sustainability coordinator, adopting a campus garden, and planning upcoming events such as Global Climate Change Week (Oct. 9-15) and “Leeward Battle of the Buildings”–each building will compete to see who has used the least electricity in October compared to the usage data collected in September.  Natalie will also hold a Library Learning Series session – Green Library Resources, October 19th, 12:30-1:30 p.m.Kapunawai.

The Sustainability Committee is open to all faculty, staff, and students and its goal is to make our community more sustainable!  If you need more information, would like to join or support the committee in some way–please contact Natalie Wahl (  The next committee meeting will be Friday, September 22nd, 1:00-2:30 p.m., Kapunawai.  We hope to see you there!

September 2, 2017
by An Hollowell

Best Sellers Collection

Are you excited a new book is about to be released soon?  Let us know so we can add it in our Best Sellers collection!

The Best Sellers Collection is a rotating collection comprised of popular books covering a variety of genres that have been recently published. The library encourages everyone to submit suggestions on titles, series, authors, and genres to contribute to building our collection.  If you are interested in making suggestions, please contact An Hollowell (, and she will let you know on its availability and when it arrives.

August 28, 2017
by An Hollowell

Fall Events, New Blog Banner, & New Staff

Upcoming Library Events

Fall 2017
Hoikeakea:  HWST 107 Final Project Exhibit – Kapunawai
Aug-Nov 2017
Fossil Exhibit by Roger Kwok – Learning Commons Entrance
Thu, Sept 7: 1:30-2:45pm
Ann Inoshita: What We Must Remember Literary Reading – Kapunawai
Thu, Sept 21:  12:30-1:30pm
Library Learning Series:  Banned Books
Mon-Fri, Sept 25-29
Banned Books Week
Thu, Oct 19:  12:30-1:30pm
Library Learning Series:  Green Library Resources
Sat, Nov 4:  9:00am-2:00pm
Discovery Fair:  Used Books Corner
Mon-Fri, Nov 27-Dec 8
Finals Countdown

Stay tuned for more events by checking out our library event page here

Library Blog Banner Contest

Jon Snyder

At Leeward CC Library, we like to encourage our student workers to use their talents to contribute to our library.  This summer, we held a Blog Banner Contest and asked our students to submit their banner designs for our library’s blog.  Congratulations to Jon Snyder (Liberal Arts student) for winning our Blog Banner Contest!  His banner is now displayed on our library’s blog.  The following is Jon’s banner submission statement explaining how he came up with his design:  


“My banner design was inspired by the term ‘fostering discovery’ in the Leeward CC Library mission statement.  The fishhook of Maui was used to bring up the Hawaiian islands from the bottom of the ocean.  The voyaging canoe sails are representative of the history of how the Hawaiian people came to be here and our continuing sea voyaging explorations along the lines of the Hōkūleʻa.  The bird in the upper right corner is a frigatebird, the `iwa,  thought of as a good omen that land was near, alluding to the discovery of a new land.  Annemarie Paikai, our Hawaiʻi-Pacific Resource Librarian, was kind enough to help me with the translation of our school motto ‘To help people learn’ into Hawaiian.  ‘No ka hoʻonaʻauao ʻana i ka lehulehu’ was the phrase that came the closest, meaning ‘So that the multitudes are educated’ . . . “

Please check our blog often for any library updates:

New Library Staff

Have you been to the library recently?  You will see a couple of new faces at our circulation desk!

Kalekona Kingsbury

Kalekona “Kale” Kingsbury graduated from the University of Hawaiʻi, Manoa, and has a Master’s in Library Science (MLiS).  He previously worked at Hawaiʻi Pacific University Libraries, was there for 8 years, and held the title of Head of Access Services.  Kale’s first day at Leeward Community College was June 26, 2017 and is currently our circulation manager.  His main duties include managing the main service desk and scheduling.  Fun fact:  he is currently reading The Game of Thrones series and his favorite character is Tyrion Lannister!


An HollowellAn Hollowell graduated from East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, and has a Bachelor of Arts in English.  She also worked at Hawaiʻi Pacific University Libraries and was there for 13 years!  An’s previous title was Operations Manager of Atherton Library.  Her first day at Leeward Community College was August 14, 2017, and she is currently our public services specialist.  A few of An’s duties include updating the library’s website, marketing and events, and supporting the library staff and the main service desk.  What she enjoys about Leeward Community College so far–she is impressed by the friendliness of the campus.  Fun fact:  although An does not think of herself as a risk-taker–a couple of the most heart-pounding activities she has ever participated in were whitewater rafting on the Nolichucky River through North Carolina and Tennessee and dropping down the Leap of Faith water slide tunneling through a lagoon filled with sharks at Atlantis, Bahamas!

If you need assistance with circulation services, course reserves, etc.–please contact Kale and An!

August 28, 2017
by Wayde Oshiro

Notice: ScienceDirect Access Ends on December 31

Access to the ScienceDirect Freedom Collection with 2,298 journal titles published by Elsevier ends on December 31, 2017.

Our access to ScienceDirect is via a UH System Libraries consortial arrangement coordinated by UH-Manoa, Hamilton Library. Manoa has carried most of the costs over the years and we are grateful for their generosity to the other campuses. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, they can no longer afford to maintain this resource under existing terms.

Elsevier journals are expensive and it would be difficult for Leeward to afford a journal package let alone a single journal title in many cases. Recently, a group of German universities canceled their Elsevier contracts en masse to put pressure on the Dutch publisher during contract negotiations. Universities in other countries such as Taiwan and Finland have made similar attempts to force the publisher to agree to more favorable pricing and to guarantee that publicly-funded research will remain open access. Will that pressure tactic work here? It’s possible but it will be difficult due to our relatively small size and Manoa’s need to cut costs.

Our EBSCOHost Academic Search Complete database includes many Elsevier titles. However, these titles are under a publisher (Elsevier) embargo. The embargo means that recently published articles are not available until 6-18 months after publication. Back issues are full text.

ScienceDirect will be available through the end of the year. After it ends, the library will still provide full-text article coverage to nearly 25,000 journal titles through Academic Search Complete. I am open to hearing your concerns about the loss of this resource and to discuss what options we have for access to scholarly resources. Contact me to schedule a meeting or send an email to

Lastly, this is an issue important to higher education. The loss of the Elsevier titles is upsetting because these are prestige scholarly publications that are respected and relied upon for current research in your disciplines. Unfortunately, academic publishers have used this (prestige) to their advantage and employ practices that result in exorbitant costs and restricted access. It’s unbelievable to think that publications like Cell require authors to pay up to $5000 to publish an article on research that is often publicly funded. After paying that fee you would think that the authors would at least have access to their article, but no. The article is published behind a pay wall and is only available if the individual or institution, i.e. library, pays for it. In this instance, a one-year institutional subscription to Cell is $2020 per year. This is the major reason why open access (scholarly publishing) and open educational resources (teaching materials) are such important issues that we need to address.

  • 9/5/17: This post was updated to remove confidential pricing information.
  • 9/6/17: Updated to clarify that it is the current UH System Libraries consortial agreement with Elsevier that is ending.

August 27, 2017
by Wayde Oshiro

Did you know…The Chronicle of Higher Education

" "The Library provides access to The Chronicle of Higher Education for Leeward faculty, students, staff, and administrators.

Leeward’s site license allows you to enjoy premium content both on and off-campus. Stay on top of the issues and changes impacting the landscape of higher education.

Chronicle offers several daily and weekly newsletters covering higher education news and topics, including one dedicated to community colleges. Get newsletters delivered straight to your inbox by customizing your Chronicle experience today.

  • Go to the Chronicle website
  • Click LOG IN (next to the Subscribe button – upper right corner of the screen)
  • Create an account
  • Your name will appear instead of LOG IN. Click your name and select Newsletters from the drop-down menu.

Please contact me if you have questions or require any assistance. Call x378 or email


August 21, 2017
by Wayde Oshiro

Welcome Back! Library Services for 2017-18

Welcome back, Leeward faculty and staff! The Library is ready and eager to support you this coming year. To learn more about Library services and resources, go to our website at, or contact us using our Library Staff Directory.

The following list highlights just a few of the services and resources we offer:

New Extended Hours

In response to student feedback, the Library is extending its daily closing by one hour. Mondays-Thursdays, the Library will remain open until 8 pm. Friday hours are extended until 4:30 pm. The new Fall 2017 hours begin on August 21st.

  • Monday – Thursday   7:30 am-8:00 pm
  • Friday   7:30 am-4:30 pm

Course Reserves

The Library accepts copies of textbooks furnished by faculty for its Course Reserves collection. Titles “on reserve” are available for short-term student use at the Library’s Circulation Desk. Library-owned titles can be placed in Course Reserves upon faculty request as well.

For more information about Course Reserves and the process to place items, please see our Course Reserves guide at

Course Reserves contacts are Kalekona Kingsbury ( and An Hollowell (

Library Instruction

Last year, the Library collaborated with faculty to provide 319 library instruction sessions to students. These sessions introduced students to various aspects of library services, resources, information literacy concepts, and research techniques. Librarians can work with you to tailor a presentation to the needs of your students. Presentations can be conducted in the library, in your classroom, or in a computer lab.

Please contact the librarian serving your subject area to arrange for a library presentation. Language Arts liaisons are Natalie Wahl ( and Junie Hayashi ( Our Halau and Waianae Moku liaison is Annemarie Paikai (

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Leeward is the leader in the UH System in faculty adoption of OER and zero-cost textbooks and other teaching materials. Last semester, Leeward faculty taught 279 “Textbook Cost: $0” sections with 5,121 students enrolled, representing 23% of total CRNs. Leeward’s OER initiative is jointly led by the Educational Media Center (EMC) and the Library. The Library helps faculty identify open textbooks and other materials that can replace costly commercial versions.

To learn more about OER, go to the Go Open, Go Free OER @ Leeward website at Here you’ll learn why we’re committed to OER, how we’re doing it, and the availability of faculty resources and support.

To start reviewing OER in your subject area, go to the Library’s OER resource guide at

Library OER contacts are Wayde Oshiro ( and Junie Hayashi (

Resource Acquisitions

The Library acquires resources that support the curriculum. The majority of our spending is on online resources such as journal databases, ebook collections, and streaming video collections which provide the widest possible access for faculty and students at both Leeward campuses and for those enrolled in online courses. Print books are still purchased and new titles can be requested using our online book request form at

Before submitting your order, please search the Hawaii Voyager Catalog to find out whether we already own the title. Go to

Contact Jue Wang ( with your questions about our collections and acquisitions policy.


The Library’s website is your main portal to information about our services and provides direct access to online resources. Go to

Note: The Library’s subscription resources are available both on- and off-campus. Off-campus users must log in using the UH Web Login authentication system.

Consult our Database Access Help page at, or contact Ralph Toyama ( for troubleshooting requests.

If you didn’t see something you need or expected to see contact me at  Have a great start to your semester!

August 8, 2017
by Wayde Oshiro

Library Closed August 14-18

The Library will be closed next week as faculty and staff prepare for the new academic year. Our doors will be closed but everyone will still be available. Please contact any of us directly if you require our assistance.

Library staff directory

We will re-open on August 21 at 7:30 am with our newly expanded schedule of hours.

Fall Semester Hours

Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am-8:00 pm

Friday, 7:30 am-4:30 pm


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