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Why go Open?


A 2014 U.S. PIRG Educational Fund survey of 2,039 students at over 150 campuses found that

  • 65% did not buy textbooks due to the high costs
  • 94% who did not purchase a textbook were concerned it would affect their grades
  • 48% said that the cost of textbooks impacted how many and which classes they took

Escalating textbook costs are forcing students into making decisions which negatively impact their academic success.

What is OER?OER

OER, or Open Educational Resources, are free online learning materials which are licensed for anyone to reuse, revise, remix, or redistribute.  OER includes complete courses, textbooks, modules, videos, tests, simulations, and other learning objects.

Why go open?

  • Reduce or eliminate textbook costs for your students
  • Ensure every student in your class can access course materials on the very first day
  • Increase student engagement and success
  • Participate in the growing global open access movement

Who is going open?

Many institutions around the U.S. and the world are moving towards open resources.  Since spring 2014 the University of Hawaii System has made a commitment to supporting the development and use of OER.

How do I get started?

Leeward CC has adopted the team-based approach to using OER in courses. The team consists of at least one Librarian, one Educational Technologists and one faculty (subject matter expert) working together using a systematic, project-based approach for each course adoption of OER.

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