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Zero-textbook cost classes and OER at Leeward Community College



For Fall 2015, Leeward CC is offering 53 classes that have Textbook Cost: $0 designation* in the online course list. This designation applies to any class that does not require students to purchase textbooks.  These classes include 7 sections of ENG 22, 2 sections of ENG 24, 17 sections of ENG 100, and 8 sections of ENG 200. Other classes include ENG 207 and 209, POLS 110, SOC 100, 151, and 250H, and WS 151. In addition, Leeward CC is offering its first open educational resources (OER) ENG 100 online course. Susan Wood, Professor CC of English, was the first at Leeward CC and in the UHCC system to create an open, online course for English 100.

As part of the UH system initiative, the Leeward Library and Educational Media Center (EMC) have promoted the use of OER, no-cost, and affordable solutions to support student success and make higher education more affordable. A May 2015 survey of Leeward CC students found that, of the 987 students responding, 55% did not purchase a required textbook for a course and 65% said that textbook costs influence their decision to enroll in a course.

This summer, the EMC and Library collaborated to offer a track in the Pacific Region Learning Summit entitled “Go Open, Go Free Using OER.” Participants included teaching faculty, librarians, and instructional designers from Leeward CC, Kapiolani CC, Hawaii CC, and UH Maui College.  Leeward is the first campus in the UH system to design and deliver a professional development series to help faculty find and incorporate no-cost, low-cost, and creative commons licensed resources into their courses as replacements to costly commercial course materials.

The Library and EMC continues its partnership to promote OER as a viable alternative to expensive commercial textbooks and work with faculty members to identify and adapt OER materials for their courses. For more information, please see Leeward’s Open Educational Resources website.

*Textbook Cost: $0 classes are self-designated by the instructor.  An instructor teaching classes that do not require students to purchase any textbooks may request to have this designation added to their classes in the online course list.  Contact your Leeward CC Division Secretary to add Textbook Cost: $0 to the Banner SSA Text field for your classes.



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