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kanopyKanopy is a new video streaming resource providing thousands of high-quality full-length films and documentaries to students, faculty, and staff at Leeward.  This month Kanopy is featuring a Spotlight on African-American Filmmakers and Artists.

Kanopy offers a new acquisition model for library purchasing of video resources. Instead of paying for individuals titles outright, Kanopy gives us access to their entire video library of over 13,000 titles.  The Library pays for only titles which trigger a purchase; a purchase is triggered upon the 4th viewing. After purchase the video is available for one year with unlimited access.

Try Kanopy at


  • Huge selection of high quality, full-length videos
  • Attractive, user-friendly interface
  • Free of ads and other distractions
  • Create custom playlists and film clips
  • Majority of videos are close captioned (captions for others available upon request)
  • Accessible to all Pearl City, Waianae, and Distance Education classes
  • DVD players not required
  • Videos can be viewed outside of class time
  • We only pay for what will be viewed

The Library has set aside enough funds to cover the purchase of 32 titles for FY2015-16.  Purchases are automatically triggered upon the 4th viewing. If you find a title you plan to use for class, please let us know and we will make the purchase immediately to guarantee its availability. Remember, titles are available for one full calendar year from the trigger date or the date of purchase.

Try Kanopy at

Contact Wayde Oshiro,, or Jue Wang,, for more information or to request a purchase.

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