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How to Link to Articles from Our Databases


Would you like to send or post a link to an article, e-book, or streaming video you found in one of our research databases?

It usually doesn’t work to simply copy the URL in your browser’s address bar as you’re viewing the article. Those URLs are often generated just for that particular viewing, and either won’t work or will only work for a short period of time if you try to send it to someone else. However, many of our databases will provide you with a stable URL that will let you link back to a particular record. For example, in an EBSCOhost database, click on the Permalink icon on the right side of the screen.

For specific instructions on how to find stable URLs in our different databases, please see the Linking to Articles, E-Books, & Videos page on our website.

This is a great way for faculty to send readings to students, because the copyright issues are already taken care of through our database contracts.

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